0 Students Pass State Math In 6 Baltimore Schools, Democrats Flush $16,000 Tax Dollars Per Student

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RWC News 0 Students Pass State Math In 6 Baltimore Schools, Democrats Flush $16,000 Tax Dollars Per Student

Baltimore’s democrat run education has been facing severe issues.

A recent investigation shows that in six different schools in Baltimore not a single student was able to score proficient on statewide tests for either English or math. This horrific performance is despite the fact that Baltimore schools spend $16,000 per student which is the fourth-highest spending per student in the United States.

RWC News 0 Students Pass State Math In 6 Baltimore Schools, Democrats Flush $16,000 Tax Dollars Per Student

Frederick Douglass High School, named after famed education devotee Frederick Douglass has suffered immensely under Democrat rule.

High school students are tested by the state in math and English. Scores are separated into categories, a four or five is considered proficient and one through three are not. At Frederick Douglass, 185 students took the state math test last year and 89 percent fell into the lowest level, and only one student approached expectations by scoring a three.


The fact that the schools in Baltimore perform so horribly despite receiving one of the highest amounts of funds per student flies in the face of the common liberal arguments that their schools do poorly because of a lack of funding. In fact, a study by The Heritage Foundation found that there has been no significant increase in school performance despite massive increases in spending.

According to the study, the United States now spends over 500 billion dollars on education. The $500 billion equates to an average of 9,926 dollars per student in public schools, which means that a student who completes first to twelfth grade would cost approximately 111,000 dollars.

Between 1994 and 2004, a mere decade, the overall spending on education per student, on average, saw an increase of 49 percent. One would assume that if spending increases that scores would also increase. We should see an increase of close to 49 percent in performance but it has remained almost the same. Graduation rates have also remained relatively flat.

RWC News 0 Students Pass State Math In 6 Baltimore Schools, Democrats Flush $16,000 Tax Dollars Per Student

Trump appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been a longstanding proponent of school choice.


The Heritage Foundation suggests that rather than increasing spending schools should reform where funds are spent to produce better results. They also endorse school choice programs such as those that have been discussed by the new secretary of education Betsy DeVos. They state that children who benefit from having school choice, on average achieve higher scores and that schools try harder to improve their performance in response to the competition created by parents having the ability to choose a school.

There are other factors than spending and school choice, however. Breitbart reports that the introduction of migrant children into school systems will not only lower the average scores of the school but create a negative effect on the native children as well. The report references several studies, one in Denmark, Israel, Norway, and the United States which all correlate results showing that migrants had lower average scores as well as lowering the scores of native students.

Another study by Jaap Dronkers and Rolf van der Velden shows that a greater amount of racial diversity has a negative effect on schools for both native and migrant students. Particularly students of an Islamic background have an adverse effect when placed in schools that are primarily non-Islamic for both themselves and native students. This does not hold true for every case, however, as there was a slight increase in performance for both migrants and native students when introducing western or eastern European students and non-Islamic Asian students.

Another independent study by William Stewart found similar results when looking at diversity in college education. The report by William Stewart showed that diversity led to increases in cost with decreases in attainment and choice. Other evidence suggests that diversity could also lead to an increase in violent incidents in schools. 


RWC News 0 Students Pass State Math In 6 Baltimore Schools, Democrats Flush $16,000 Tax Dollars Per Student

Smaller classes such as this one could improve the level of education across the nation.

What we can, however, draw from the related data is that the liberal policy on schools and education has an empirically negative effect. The exception is that smaller class size, which is usually something that both liberals and conservatives argue for according to research has a positive effect on performance. It is worth noting, however, smaller class size is made impossible by the open borders policy. This increases the number of students dramatically as well as introducing diversity. Both lower test scores.

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