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RWC News 10 MOST BELIEVED LIES OF THE MAINSTREAM ESTABLISHMENT  It’s been a long, grueling year for President-Elect Trump and his millions of supporters. There have been a lot of attacks coming at Trump for all sides, but every time it looked like he would falter he kept fighting instead.

He never backed down, and rarely apologized, and this tough approach has served him well enough to win the most highly prized office in the world.

RWC News 10 MOST BELIEVED LIES OF THE MAINSTREAM ESTABLISHMENT  Along the journey, the mainstream media that is supposed to serve as America’s watchdog has been bought off for a handful of kibble and a few pats on the belly.

It has been obvious to observant viewers the whole time that major media sources wanted Hillary to win and were willing to do anything to help make it happen.

RWC News 10 MOST BELIEVED LIES OF THE MAINSTREAM ESTABLISHMENT  As it turns out, their strategy backfired, and they are now staring out at the vast plains of uncertainty, hungrily licking their chops, nervously hoping their master returns home.

To close out the year let’s take a look at some of the biggest whoppers that the mainstream media tried to pass off about Trump during the past year. And remember, they sold these lies with total conviction – as if there was no room for any doubt!


10. Trump won’t secure the nomination.

This was stated as an absolute certainty across all media channels, in the early days of Trump’s campaign. Even as one poll after another showed Trump emerging ahead of the field, pundits and reporters didn’t want to believe it. They were sure that someone else would pull off a miracle and overtake the Donald. Preferably that someone would be Jeb! (or Kasich).

9. Trump’s comments about Mexico will sink him.

His words were twisted and taken out of context, but even so they probably helped more than they hurt. Americans are opposed to the runaway immigration that has happened under Obama’s watch, and most want a solution. When Trump said that he was going to build a wall and kick out all the bad guys here illegally from Mexico, the establishment crowd gasped and clutched at their pearls.

But in the minds of most normal Americans, Trump was echoing their sentiments exactly. The country was ready to say No More Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to spending millions of dollars on felons here illegally.

8. Trump’s locker room talk will sink him.

Once again the media stepped forward with a huge Gotcha! moment at a pivotal time in the campaign. They triumphantly released the Billy Bush tape that gave rise to P*ssygate.

In the tape, made 11 years ago, Trump can be heard talking about the nature of fame and wealth. In typical exaggerated fashion, he boasts that if you’re famous and rich you can just walk up to a woman and grab them by the crotch and they won’t even mind.

It’s a vulgar thing to say, and doubly unwise to put such words in a recording. But the key is that he’s only making a point by saying he could do it if he wanted. There’s a huge difference between that and saying that he would do it. The media somehow twisted that into a confession of serial rape.

The public saw through this cheap shot and accepted Trump’s genuine apology during the third and final presidential debate. They realized that a throwaway remark made years earlier shouldn’t be a huge factor in their judgment of his current proposals.

The scandal caused a momentary fall in poll numbers, followed by a buoyant rise back up to where he wanted them.

7. Trump won’t accept the election results when he loses.

He was hammered on this question in two of the debates and many observers wondered why. After the final debate, the mainstream media was aghast at the notion that Trump hadn’t definitively agreed to accept the election results no matter what.

Curiously, Hillary had not been pointedly asked the same question.

And now we see the Democrats doing everything imaginable to try and cast suspicion on the validity of the results, while the Trump camp tries to mend fences and plot the way forward.

6. Trump has no electoral path to victory.

Right up to the afternoon of election day, pundits, observers, and analysts were still cocksure in their proclamations that a Hillary win was in the bag.

They confidently assured their nervous viewers that there was nothing to worry about, for Trump was a joke candidate, who didn’t possibly stand a chance to win. In fact, they told us, he was going to get demolished. The only question was how huge the landslide would be for Hillary.

Mainstream news outlets were giving Hillary a 75 – 95% chance to win.

When the Hillary campaign cancelled their big fireworks show in NYC that had been planned for their victory night, we should have known something was up. They must have had access to some very different numbers.

5. Trump won because the electoral system is broken.

After spending months using complicated electoral predictions to demonstrate why Trump had absolutely no chance in hell of winning, the flaws in their models were painfully exposed. Now the argument has changed. Instead of the electoral college being a good and wise thing that ensures a maniac like Trump can never win, it’s now a broken, outdated, and downright terrible system that needs to be scrapped like tomorrow!

4. Trump won because of angry White bigots.

If there is one thing the bigots on the Left love to do, it’s call other people bigots. When it dawned on them that Trump was winning, they started blaming it on the “angry White guy” vote.

While there is a lot of justified anger in the country which did help Trump, the truth is he never would have won without the surprisingly large portions of the Black and Mexican votes that he received in some areas. So if you really want to make a liberal mad, you could point out that Blacks elected Trump.

3. Trump won because of fake news.

Of all the memes that the establishment powers have used to try and discredit Trump and his followers, this is the strongest. The allegations of fake news have been aired on every news outlet around the world, with most of the reporters singing the same tune.

The news needs to be censored, they tell us, because fake news helped Trump win. But they never tell us what exactly that fake news is. Which story is it, that helped Trump win and was proven fake? A lot of journalists would like to know specifics.

Obviously the manufactured outrage over fake news will be used to justify further censorship on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Frighteningly, Google and YouTube searches will be affected by the proposed censorship as well.

2. Trump will lose in a recount.

As we have seen over the past couple weeks, the recounts have been a joke. They have either fallen apart on procedural violations or shown Trump to be picking up even more votes. And besides, as Trump has pointed out, if you removed all the votes from illegal aliens, and all the democrat fraud, he would have come out way ahead in the popular vote too.

1. Trump won because of Russian meddling.

We now have shadowy, unidentified figures in the CIA alleging that Russia played a role in hacking the DNC to help Trump win. But again, we have no specifics, no proof, nothing that can be independently verified. Trump says it’s nonsense. Wikileaks says it’s nonsense. And many from the FBI and ODNI aren’t convinced either. Even if the emails were hacked by Russia, which is doubtful, there is no proof they swayed the election.

It’s a very serious allegation to make, and such an explosive statement should only be made with ample proof to back it up. That hasn’t been the case. Once again Trump is being smeared by an enemy who refuses to step out of the shadows.

Like all the other times before this, the Russian hacking story will prove to be fake news, and Trump will walk away clean. If we ever get to the bottom of the Podesta emails, it will most likely be shown that the leaks came from a DNC insider – presumed to be Seth Rich. Every hint given by Julian Assange points in this direction. If true, it’s chilling.

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