10 Years In Prison: Inauguration Protesters Who “Trumped Hate” Learn The Price For Their Crimes

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RWC News 10 Years In Prison: Inauguration Protesters Who “Trumped Hate” Learn The Price For Their Crimes

These People Learned The Hard Way Why They Shouldn’t Protest

In the few months between actually winning the presidential election and being inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, there have been a plethora of protests against the decision. Liberals honestly believed that if they threw enough of a hissy fit, that Trump wouldn’t become president.

Often these protests, no matter how many times the liberals claimed that they were peaceful, dove into violence. Riots formed and many people were arrested for causing this much of a disturbance. Unfortunately, liberals continued to encourage this type of behavior and even paid some protesters to create as big of a scene as they could.

The protests/riots didn’t stop after the election winner was announced either. They continued all through the days leading up to Trump’s inauguration. Finally the day of the inauguration came and the protesters didn’t hold back. They rioted and looted and created as much of a disturbance as possible.


Now they are going to pay for their crimes as a total of 214 people that were involved in the Inauguration Day protests in downtown Washington D.C. were indicted on felony rioting charges. They’re going to learn the hard way that pulling the stunts that they did isn’t going to help anyone.

A grand jury in D.C. had charged five individuals Tuesday with felony rioting, joining 209 other defendants that were indicted for the same charges earlier in February, at least according to what CNN had reported. That is over 200 people that thought they were going to make a difference and instead are going to spend time in jail.

RWC News 10 Years In Prison: Inauguration Protesters Who “Trumped Hate” Learn The Price For Their Crimes

If They Keep Protesting Like This, They Are Going To Jail

The penalty for felony rioting includes a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail in addition to a $250,000 fine. That is a stiff penalty for these people to face, but after all the damage that they had caused in the protests, then it is well deserved.


These were people that were rioting and knocking things over in the streets of D.C. In addition to that, they were also setting fire to trashcans that were knocked over. They were also throwing bottles and other things at the police officers that were just doing their best to keep the peace.

These protests occurred in a four-block area around downtown Washington at the very same time that President Trump was being sworn in. What started out as a peaceful, albeit stupid protest, quickly devolved into rioters doing what they could to create as big a commotion as they possibly could, disrupting the great moment for the incoming president.

As stated earlier, these protesters, rioters actually, started to cause a lot of damage to the people and the area around. They were burning trashcans, and throwing the ensuing embers at the police trying to diffuse the situation. Among other things, they also started damaging business around the area.

Protesters broke the windows of businesses that were just trying to operate, causing even more damage to the area.


As a result of the violence, police were forced to use pepper spray and “sting balls” against the crowd to try and get them to disperse. In the aftermath of all the violence, it was noted that six police officers had suffered minor injuries thanks to the protesters, and that includes three of the officers getting hit in the head with flying objects, as reported by WUSA.

RWC News 10 Years In Prison: Inauguration Protesters Who “Trumped Hate” Learn The Price For Their Crimes

Police Were Called And They Were Attacked By Protesters

In addition to being indicted for rioting, the defendants are accused of concealing their faces and identities with dark clothing to hide themselves from the police officers. They used a tactic called “Black Bloc,” which was how they hid themselves from people.

D.C. police also claimed that the several hundred violent protesters were outnumbered and outclassed by the nonviolent protesters that were in town for the inauguration. However, the violent protesters that were there attempted to completely ruin one of the greatest traditions in American history.

While the transfer of power from former President Obama to current President Trump was peaceful, the mass amounts of protests and the people that were hurting police officers and Trump supporters almost ruined the entire event. The saddest part is that these people continue to think that they were doing a service to the country. Now they will have a long time to think about what they have done.


That hasn’t been the only time that protesters have learned their lesson. Just recently there was something in the United States called the “day without immigrants.” It was supposed to be an attempt to show everyone what the world would look like without immigrants. However, these protesters that participated in this silly charade ended up losing their jobs because they didn’t show up for work.

The other thing that these protesters need to be worried about is the fact that there is a new law being introduced. Those people that are going to riot and protest and cause as much damage as possible are going to be charged with economic terrorism. It carries a hefty fine as well as jail time. If these protesters are smart, they will stop themselves from doing such a stupid action.

Share this article with everyone to show that those people who threw riots and protests on Inauguration Day are now getting what they deserve. Over 200 people are now set to be indicted on rioting charges and will spend up to 10 years in jail, all because they couldn’t stop themselves from throwing a hissy fit. What a smart decision.

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