$1,000: The University Stipend Now Being Offered To Professors Willing To Give ‘Special’ Lecture

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RWC News $1,000: The University Stipend Now Being Offered To Professors Willing To Give ‘Special’ Lecture

8 anti-Trump lectures are already scheduled

Many parents are asking themselves, why is our hard earned money going to fund colleges that have decided to meddle in politics? Universities used to be a place where young adults would go to learn, study for a career, get their first experience living alone, and prepare for the rest of their life. Worst case scenario, colleges were the sites of endless parties and students spent more time drinking than studying.

Recently the concerns of parents have shifted from crazy parties to violent riots and teachers spewing hatred over our current President. Campuses have become a base for liberal corruption taking advantage of malleable young minds.

The University of California has placed itself squarely in the front of this movement. UC Berkeley has been the scene of multiple riots, protestors resorting to vandalism and violence to make their points. Campuses are no longer safe from their own students.


Professors have not missed the chance to get involved either. Disregarding the inconvenient fact of essentially being state employees, they are using their positions to act as political consciences to students. Their views are overwhelmingly liberal.

Professors and students who do not share the majority opinions on these campuses are bullied into silence out of fear of physical retribution. Right-wing politics have been virtually banned, pushed towards extinction by the left’s never-ending temper tantrum.

People reasoned that as time passed and the sting of losing the election wore off, the political outrage would diminish. Rarely rational, Democrats are holding on to their sense of entitlement in a way nobody expected. The University of California Los Angeles is launching a new series of lectures designed to support that.

The interim Dean of Social Sciences, Laura Gomez, is offering an opportunity to professors to earn $1,000 if they will teach seminars on the 2016 election.


Six professors have signed up to teach anti-Trump workshops for the spring semester alone. Two similar workshops are already planned for the winter, bringing the total taxpayer contributions to $8,000 for these political teachings.

While Gomez claims the lectures will discuss “diverse viewpoints about the election and what it portends,” topics such as “Bullied by Trump’s Tweets? University Students on Edge,” appear completely one sided.

The description for that seminar is as follows;

“Who feels endangered by Trump’s tweets: people of color, under-served, undocumented, disabled, sexual minorities, older, working-class, and international students navigating changing regulations about personhood, citizenship, and border crossings?”


No workshops have been offered regarding views from a Republican or perspective. In fact, looking at the outlines below, the school has no intention of even appearing to offer diverse views.

RWC News $1,000: The University Stipend Now Being Offered To Professors Willing To Give ‘Special’ Lecture

This is a diverse curriculum?

Professor Reynaldo Macias, who served as Dean of Social Sciences after Obama’s election in 2008, acknowledged the imbalance. Speaking with reporters he admitted to not offering any workshops at the time on opposing the Obama administration.

Some students have expressed interest in the lectures. Alliance Megala, a second-year theater student, said she thinks the course offerings are timely.

“It’s better to understand something now than later,” Megala said. “It gives a good introduction of what’s going to happen in the next four years.”


Others show a more open-minded opinion, one that will likely be crushed quickly by UCLA staff and students.

Megan White, a first-year undeclared student said, “I tend to agree with many of the opinions that the campus has, but at the same time I think it’s important to discuss both sides and talk about it.”

It is disheartening to see such hatred and discrimination taught to the next generation. These children are being indoctrinated by parents, peers, and teachers to be outwardly accepting but actually judge more than anyone.

The hysterical left has taken over, forbidding anyone to disagree with them or risk being called a racist, or worse. People who have dared to speak out in support of President Trump have quickly become victims of unreasonable violence.

President Trump has mentioned discontinuing funding to campuses that allow riots such as the one that occurred recently at UC Berkeley. If these kind of tragic displays continue, he may be left with no choice.

RWC News $1,000: The University Stipend Now Being Offered To Professors Willing To Give ‘Special’ Lecture

Violence has become acceptable to these students

The California colleges’ choice to hold these lectures over the course of this year demonstrates their determination to continue the fight. That raises concerns that campuses will become increasingly dangerous and unsuitable for students simply trying to get an education.

Our tax dollars are supporting these liberal institutions. We should not be forced to continue funding schools that choose political dissent over education. Parents and taxpayers have a right to assume kids at school will receive an appropriate education.

If right-wing teachers had attempted to teach these lectures against Obama, we all know what would have happened. The schools and professors would have been labeled as racist and biased and the classes would have been shut down.

Similar outrage should be happening now over these seminars. UCLA has crossed a line and it is time for them to understand it won’t be tolerated any longer.

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Emma Laftchu
I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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