11 Alternative Responses to F*ck You That Work Every Time

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Once seen as a something to be avoided at all time, profanity has been accepted more in society today than ever before. In fact, there are even reports that people who swear more are inherently more honest than those who avoid using ‘bad’ language.  While we aren’t here to debate these findings, they do raise an interesting question.

With the changing views of society towards language, should we be accepting profanities in all situations? Are there times that swearing is still inappropriate?

Most of us will agree that there should still be some level of discretion when you are around younger children, or in professional work settings. While we may be trying our best to maintain ‘appropriate’ language in these settings, there are times that someone is going to push you to the point that there is nothing else that comes to mind except for your need to tell them to f**k off.

RWC News 11 Alternative Responses to F*ck You That Work Every Time
Source: Chicago Tribune

At these times the answer involves a little creativity, finding a way to make your point while avoiding words that may raise a red flag.

Closer to the original phrase than most of the options listed here, this will at least clean up the language enough for little ears.

2. Let Me Know How That Works for You

This is a great way to sound like you’re agreeing with someone while still quietly getting your jab in there – plus you’ll be able to have the satisfaction down the road when you can ask them how their horrible decision turned out.

3. Bless Your Heart

Usually associated with the southern states, this statement is the perfect insult wrapped up in a compliment.

4. Get Stuffed

While this phrase can be used year-round it really does seem exceptionally appropriate this time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, does it not?

5. Die Mad About It

This blunt statement is to the point – ultimately if someone is taking offense to something that is none of their business, then they are welcome to hold onto that frustration and take it to the grave because you aren’t about to change!

6. God Bless You

We’re not saying we agree with using religion to make this point, simply sharing an option that is incredibly popular, especially among those living in the south. Like some of the other options on this list, it’s a way of saying what you’re trying to say while pretending to be nice.

7. Make Like the Geese and Flock Off

This is a fun creative way that is especially effective if you are dealing with someone north of the border. I mean, how Canadian is it to refer to the geese? They even call it a Canada Goose!

8. Bugger Off

This is a phrase that is incredibly popular in some cultures and countries but rarely heard here in the United States. For that reason, it’s still highly effective in catching people off guard here.

9. Bye Felicia

Incredibly common now with the younger generation, this trend isn’t limited to one specific age group. If this speaks to you, run with it!

10. You Need to FOCUS

This is one that is incredibly common among military personnel as they seem to have an acronym for nearly anything. It sounds entirely innocent until you break it down – F**k Off ‘Cuz You’re Stupid

11. Good Luck with That

Rather than fighting someone on a decision that you know is going to blow up in their face, simply wish them well then stand back and let karma do the rest.

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