16 Hours Of Contested Debate Ends With Epic Texas Victory, Law Now Sent To Abbott For Approval

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RWC News 16 Hours Of Contested Debate Ends With Epic Texas Victory, Law Now Sent To Abbott For Approval

The Texas House (Pictured Above) Endured A 16-Hour Debate, But Still Passed Their Bill.

Illegal immigration has been a hot topic in the United States. It started when then-candidate said he was going to “build a wall” on the southern border of the country. That jump-started the liberal base to start ignoring federal authorities to protect illegals.

Liberal mayors and lawmakers have come out and claimed their cities are now “sanctuary cities.” These are areas where the local law enforcement will refuse to help the federal authorities if there is an illegal that is detected there. As a result, the federal government has taken steps to stop sanctuary cities from popping up. However, Texas has gone even further.

After the Texas Senate passed a bill that banned sanctuary cities in the state, the House did the same. It took 16 hours, but finally, the GOP controlled Texas House approved the bill. It allows local law enforcement officials to enforce federal immigration law against anyone that is detained. It even goes as far as threatening jail time for sheriffs that refuse to do so.


The final vote came just before 3 in the morning. As expected there was a lot of debate, mostly from the Democrats that were incredibly outnumbered. Knowing that, they attempted to use emotion, such as giving tearful testimonies about why they bill shouldn’t be passed.

RWC News 16 Hours Of Contested Debate Ends With Epic Texas Victory, Law Now Sent To Abbott For Approval

Despite Protests From Democrats, The Texas House Passed A Harsh Sanctuary City Bill.

The bill allows the Lone Star State to hold back on funding given to county and local governments that are sanctuary cities. This occurs even as Trump’s efforts to do so on a federal level have been blocked by federal judges. Other GOP-led states have been pushing for similar policies.

There is a giant difference though. Texas’s bill would have police chiefs and other officials face criminal charges for failing to enforce immigration law. In addition to that, they would be removed from federal office.


Rep. Charlie Green (R-Fort Worth) sponsored the bill. He said it is needed to “keep the public safe and remove bad people from the street.” Considering how many people are harmed every day by illegal immigrants, Rep. Green knows what he is talking about.

Originally, the House bill allowed local law enforcement to ask about someone’s immigration status if they were arrested. However, another version of the bill passed in March by the Senate took it further. Immigration inquiries are allowed for anyone who is detained, even for something as simple as a traffic stop.

The legislation passed on an 81-64 vote, with the new provisions in the House bill. That makes it closer to what the Senate had approved last month. It’s a big step for the state, considering that the federal laws are having little success. After all, a federal judge in California stopped Trump’s order to hold federal funding on Tuesday.

RWC News 16 Hours Of Contested Debate Ends With Epic Texas Victory, Law Now Sent To Abbott For Approval

President Trump Hasn’t Found The Same Success, As His Orders Have Been Blocked.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has indicated that he is going to sign the bill into law. He had declared the bill an “emergency” item. Even Texas has had their problems with sanctuary cities. The most famed sanctuary sheriff was Sally Hernandez, the sheriff of Travis County, who has been dubbed “Sanctuary Sally.”

As expected, the passing of the bill led to protesters on the streets. Late last night, dozens of protesters waved signs and banners condemning the bill. They started chanting pro-immigrant slogans in both English and Spanish. One woman even yelled, “God is watching what you’re doing” at Republican lawmakers before she was escorted out.

However, the bill is going to go through to the Governor’s office. However, there is still a chance it could falter as the two chambers have to compromise on certain aspects of the bill. That is unlikely to happen though.

As stated before, sanctuary cities have been a hot topic. The Trump administration targeted the nine biggest sanctuary areas and sent them a letter. The letter said that if they are going to keep their sanctuary policies in tact, they would be deprived of funding from the government.

RWC News 16 Hours Of Contested Debate Ends With Epic Texas Victory, Law Now Sent To Abbott For Approval

Nine Sanctuary Cities Were Notified That They Would Lose Funding If They Kept Up Their Practices.

However, the federal government doesn’t always have to get involved. There was a Democratic city in Michigan that only lasted one week with sanctuary status. That was because the local businesses there applied to the city council and demanded that they change their stance. One week later, the city renounced their status.

Sanctuary cities are a big issue. However, state governments are looking to pass laws that will stop them from happening. Even if Democrats manage to block every order that Trump gives, there are still certain states that will step up. Texas was just the first. How many are going to follow?

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