18 Signs You Are Dealing With a Truly Evil Person

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“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.” Mary Wollstonecraft

In today’s society it is hard to deny the existence of evil, as our social media profiles and television screens are overwhelmed each day by a sea of bad news – violence, horror, death and dying – it can, at times, become difficult to hold onto the existence of happiness, hope and ‘good.’

Current research theorizes that there is a biological explanation for why a number of the population becomes ‘evil.’ Experts discovered that 95% of the population studied experiences a release of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin when they receive a positive social signal such as being touched, watching an emotional movie, or discovering someone you trust. The other 5%, however, do not have this reaction which means that they do not receive any encouragement to continue to act in a ‘good’ way.

RWC News 18 Signs You Are Dealing With a Truly Evil Person
Source: Curious Mind Magazine

If 5% of the population is inherently evil, it is not surprising that we may run into an evil individual at least once during our lives. In order to protect ourselves from their influence, we must first learn to identify them.

It’s not uncommon for your loved ones to be skeptical about someone new coming into your life, it is their job to protect and take care of you. If you are receiving warnings from THEIR loved ones, however, this is a huge red flag! No one knows them better than the people that they hold dear.

2. They actively mislead you.

Evil people are unafraid to manipulate others in order to get what they want. In order to achieve their personal goals, dreams and desires they may mislead you into thinking differently or heading down a different path in life.

3. They always put their own needs first.

A true friend or loved one will be willing to make sacrifices at times for the well being of those that they love. This is not true of those who are evil. They expect the world, regardless of who it may be, to make the sacrifice for them at every turn.

4. They are habitual liars.

Even the most honest and genuine of people lie at some point during their lives. It could be as simple as agreeing that someone looks good in an outfit, or that they ‘didn’t make that big of a fool’ out of themselves on a night out. Evil people, however, feel the need to lie about everything in their lives creating their own view of reality.

5. They only come around when they need something.

Being a supportive friend is a two-way street, always being there actively for one another even when it may be challenging. Evil people, however, will only ever reach out to contact you when there is something in it for them to gain. These are the people who are always ‘too busy’ for you until they need something.

6. They are openly judgmental to an extreme degree.

Look at the examples left by some of the evillest people to ever grace the planet, such as Hitler. Their hatred and evil deeds were driven by feelings of racism, sexism, homophobia and/or bigotry. These kinds of judgmental thoughts bring nothing but hate to the heart of those that embrace them.

7.They lack remorse.

Many of us will make a mistake or a bad decision at some time in our lives, however, the key that sets the good apart from the evil is how we respond AFTER the mistake has been made. The average person will acknowledge their error and feel bad for what they have done, however someone who is evil is unapologetic in their actions.

8. They take pleasure in the misfortune of others.

Those who have experienced bad situations or great hurt may, in turn, find a distraction in witnessing the pain and hurt of others. This could include watching great disasters on television such as tornadoes or mass shootings, witnessing smaller tragedies at home including car accidents or house fires, or creating bad situations for those around them.

9. They withhold information.

Evil people take joy in the fact that they have all the answers in life, and they may not always be forthcoming with this information. They will carefully reveal that which they believe will help them in their life goals, holding back on anything they think either may hurt their efforts, or that may give them leverage later.

10. They belittle anyone who thinks differently than them.

Someone who identifies as good is able to respect the fact that others have differing opinions in life. They may not share these beliefs, but they can respect that others follow them. Those who are evil will quickly go on the defensive, attacking the appearance, body, interest, hopes, hobbies, goals, friends, house, etc. of the person that dares to go against them.

11. They emit a negative energy.

As soon as they walk into the room you can feel the negativity that surrounds them, immediately putting you on the defensive. You may feel your skin crawl, or feel a heavy weight in the pit of your stomach. Trust your gut instinct on this one!

12. They use the power of confusion to get their way.

Evil people will go to great lengths to protect themselves from those who stand against them. One tool that they use in order to create the image that they are always right is to confuse those who may not stand with them. The more unsure, conflicted or scared others are, the more power they retain.

13. They are cruel to the core.

The act of being evil is more than just a choice that these people make, it is a feeling that impacts them to the core. The fact that they are driven to hurt others, including those who can’t otherwise defend themselves or even small animals, comes from a desire within.

14. They often lead double lives.

In order to fit into our current society, evil people learn how to create a second persona – one that is incredibly charming, charismatic and attractive to those that they meet. This allows them to win over those that they meet, gaining their trust before revealing their true selves.

15. They deny reality, twisting the facts.

There will come a time that the reality and beliefs of an evil person do not line up with the cold, hard fact of the situation. It is at this time that an evil person will reveal themselves as rather than accepting the truth, they will twist the facts in an effort to recreate reality and the truth.

16. They have control issues.

Evil people long for control in every situation in their lives, fearing situations in which control is taken out of their hands. This isn’t a mere desire, but rather a full-blown obsession with control over every aspect, and they will go to great lengths to obtain it.

17. They don’t understand boundaries.

Often to protect ourselves from those that have potential to harm us, we put up boundaries or barriers. These may be designed to keep certain people out entirely or to limit contact with those that are potentially negative influences on our lives. Evil people refused to accept and abide by these boundaries.

18. They lack a moral compass.

Good people are driven by their desire to do good, with their actions being defined and guided by an internal moral compass. The belief and understanding of right versus wrong are missing in those who are evil, giving them no true guidance on how to be ‘good.’

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