23 Gang Members Arrested As Authorities Uncover Heinous Plans, Indictment Followed

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RWC News 23 Gang Members Arrested As Authorities Uncover Heinous Plans, Indictment Followed

The Houston district attorney office has been inundated with questions regarding their case against 23 known gang members. The gang is accused, among other things, of trafficking innocent young women and girls. Prosecutors hope to put them away for a long time.

Texas law enforcement officials have successfully apprehended 23 Mexican gang members accused of operating an illegal sex trafficking operation. The captured men and women will now face consequences for their crimes.

The gang calls itself the Southwest Cholos (SWC). It’s members enrich themselves by selling drugs and women to the highest bidder.

“These young women and girls were promised jobs in restaurants but were forced to work as prostitutes through use of force, fraud, and coercion,” Breitbart reports.


“The defendants tattooed their names or nicknames on the victims ‘to identify them as their property and demonstrate control over them,’ a statement from federal officials said. Some of those smuggled paid up to $40,000 to be brought into the country illegally.”

Innocent young women were tricked into selling themselves. When liberals talk about illegal immigration, they tend to ignore the effect it has on many of the people trying to enter the country. SWC members smuggled women into the country because they felt like they could.

We need the wall. Democrats taunted President Trump over his commitment to building a wall along the southern border, but almost every day something happens that proves how much we need it. Yet, the average Democrat is barely willing to agree that we should deport illegals with criminal records.

RWC News 23 Gang Members Arrested As Authorities Uncover Heinous Plans, Indictment Followed

Human trafficking is one of the worst problems facing the world. By supporting illegal immigration, liberals are facilitating human smugglers. Men are brought into the country to slave away at illicit jobs while women are turned into prostitutes.


Newsweek notes: “Multiple studies by government and academic groups have found that the vast majority of arrests of immigrants without documentation involve immigration charges, followed by drug violations… 90 percent of all immigrants sentenced for a crime in federal court had been charged with either immigration or drug violations. And included in that mix are the smugglers who were headed back to Mexico but still in the United States illegally for a brief time.”

The liberal outlet seems to believe that because most illegals are convicted of drug crimes rather than overt violence, they’re not that dangerous. Their thinking is flawed. And even if they could prove that most illegals don’t engage vicious crimes, it wouldn’t matter. The negative effects of illegal immigration go far beyond one-on-one crime rates.

“There are, of course, costs associated with immigrants who enter the country illegally. The tab for law enforcement and incarceration is probably the largest one. A Government Accountability Office report from 2005 found the cost over four years just for locking up these immigrants totaled $5.8 billion, with local jails and state prisons spending $1.7 billion. Today, that number is even higher, as efforts to capture and deport them have intensified,” Newsweek continues.

American wages have been stagnant for years, and people are struggling to make enough money to support themselves. The amount of taxpayer funds that are being diverted from American citizens and rerouted to illegals is astonishing.


“Education is the other big cost,” Newsweek is forced to admit.

“Since the 1982 Supreme Court ruling in the case of Plyler v. Doe, public schools have been required to educate children without documentation. A study by Arizona State University and the University of Utah concluded that the amount needed per year to educate these children is $17 billion, which is about 3.3 percent of the total amount spent annually for public schools.”

RWC News 23 Gang Members Arrested As Authorities Uncover Heinous Plans, Indictment Followed

Criminal illegals are laughing at us. They’re sneaking into our country with ease, sometimes jumping across the border multiple times. We desperately need the border wall to be erected. Luckily, President Trump has promised that building the wall is a priority for his administration.

That’s huge! A significant fraction of our GDP is being spent on educating illegals, people who are unlikely to repay the investment by becoming functioning members of society. They can’t, they’re probably going to be deported in the future. It makes no sense that we’re both paying for illegals to remain in the country while also spending billions on deportation efforts.  

The Southwest Cholos have taken hit, but they’re not defeated. Members of their noxious gang are still infecting our society.

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I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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