28-Year Police Vet Fed up With Liberal Training, Goes off on “Privilege” Comment

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What’s the last thing you tell a 28-year veteran of a small town police force?

That his “white male privilege” makes him dumb and unable to understand training.

On Nov. 1 at a Police Supervisors Transgender Awareness Training session, an officer spoke up to question an outdated statistic about police violence.

According to KGUN, in the midst of him calmly explaining his skepticism, Captain Carri Weber shouted across the room, “Because of your white male privilege, you wouldn’t know!”

The victim immediately reacted, and so did his fellow officers. Cries of outrage filled the room as the trainers tried to rein in the situation. Captain Weber remained silent as the room erupted into chaos, which goes to show that not only was she not prepared to defend her racist and sexist statement, but she had simply been parroting a made-up phrase that she only understood as a tool to attack white males.

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The lack of response on the administrators’ part shows just how accepted this casual racism and sexism has become in American culture.

If the tables were turned and the man’s race had been anything other than white, there would have most likely been not only an immediate halt to the training, but also a federal investigation of systematic racism.

An official complaint was filed by the insulted officer. “I was racially and sexistly slurred by Captain Carri Weber while I was asking a question of the instructor in training. I am now firmly aware of the discriminatory belief she just verbally communicated. There is no place in the Plainfield Police administration or supervision for someone who holds and espouses her discriminatory views,” the complaint stated.

Leftist and anti-white outlets were quick to defend Weber, calling her a “hero.” Of course, you wouldn’t expect fake news outlets to do a simple Google search. If they had, they would’ve seen that she’s been suspended for operating a police cruiser under the influence of alcohol.

Far from being the hero the left claims her to be, she’s actually been a problem officer. Members of the Plainsville P.D. say she gotten away with fireable offences, even expressing that they “would like to show a vote of NO confidence in the chief and assistant chief for the way this situation was handled and condoned by them.”

Weber has been placed on administrative leave for her most recent outburst.

Her racist comments at the training session and the fallout from the aftermath show a disturbing trend in contemporary American culture. You can be a hero, and have legions of leftists defending you, if you only kiss the ring of radical leftism and repeat the phrase “white male privilege.” No number of disciplinary actions can sully your record as long as you go against traditional American values of equality across racial lines.

The left has redefined phrases and words to use them for their own advantage. “Racism,” for example, no longer applies to anyone but whites. It has been redefined on college campuses across America so as to lose its real meaning.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. would be rolling in his grave if he saw the lengths millennials go through to exempt themselves from the possibility of being called racist instead of just treating everyone equally.

RWC News 28-Year Police Vet Fed up With Liberal Training, Goes off on “Privilege” Comment
By Birmingham AL police dept – Original publication: circulated to news media in April 1963
Immediate source: http://photos.nola.com/tpphotos/2013/04/martin_luther_king_mugshot_apr.html, Public Domain, Link

Whites are now the punching bags of the social justice movement, conveniently being the only race capable of actually being racist.

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