5 Signs A ‘Nice” Person Secretly Has Cruel Intentions (Video)

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Kindness in today’s society has become more obsolete than it ever has before, and for good reason. If you’re nice in this world, you’re taken advantage of.

Because of the rapid advancement of the human race, people have almost perfected the art of manipulation. In the last century the human race has conquered many of things; medical science, DNA structures, architecture, automotive and transportation, and pretty much everything you can think of. Although we have accomplished an abundance of great things, we have shamefully mastered many bad things such as the act of killing, war, wealth, and most maliciously – manipulation.

RWC News 5 Signs A ‘Nice” Person Secretly Has Cruel Intentions (Video)  RWC News 5 Signs A ‘Nice” Person Secretly Has Cruel Intentions (Video)  RWC News 5 Signs A ‘Nice” Person Secretly Has Cruel Intentions (Video)  RWC News 5 Signs A ‘Nice” Person Secretly Has Cruel Intentions (Video)

Psychological manipulation can be defined as the exercise of undue influence through mental distortion and emotional exploitation. I know that sounds like a whole lot of psycho mumbo jumbo – so in real terms, psychological manipulation is when someone causes you to feel false emotions in order to gain some kind of benefit. They can benefit from a multitude of things such as your money, your resources, your love, your security, and a number of other things. There is an endless list of things that humans have mastered sucking out of other humans.

Psychological manipulation not only takes place on a global scale, but it is also prevalent in our government and authorities. Most commonly, family trusted name brands use advertising to manipulate your perception on what you’re actually eating. They use harmful and even toxic chemicals in production that are cheaper than healthy ingredients. This causes them to gain a much bigger profit – at the expense of your health.

RWC News 5 Signs A ‘Nice” Person Secretly Has Cruel Intentions (Video)

While that is an entirely different issue, psychological manipulation takes place every day all around all of us. People will often act as if they have good intentions when they are actually just trying to gain something from you before moving on to another victim. This can be emotionally exhausting to deal with, and it is extremely important to learn the proper ways to recognize and deal with psychological manipulation.

Here Are 5 Ways to Tell if a Nice Person has Cruel Intentions:

  • They Twist Your Words – Manipulators will never hesitate to start an argument with you, as this is their best skill. As soon as you state your point of view, whether it be regarding actual facts or emotions, they will automatically twist your words around to benefit their argument. The end result will often be you feeling guilty about your own emotions, and you suddenly feel inferior.
  • They Later Deny Their Own Words – Manipulative people’s most important goal is to have people on their side. They feel as if they have their own little personal army when they know they have people siding with them. Because of this, they might say something to you in private, and then later deny it. To them, it isn’t the truth if only one other person was there. It will almost be mind-boggling to you that someone could so blatantly say something one second, and then deny it the next. This is a way for them to have people on their side.
  • They Never Return The Favor – If you are really involved with a manipulator, you might notice that you will consistently go out of your way to please them. Not only do they lack gratitude; but they never return the favor. They feel as if everyone in the entire world owes them something, and it is expected for other people to treat them highly. Although, if they even perform the smallest task for you, you will hear about it for the rest of eternity. Maybe the old saying is true: “If they won’t bail you out of jail or fight for you, they aren’t your friend.”  
  • They Control You Using Guilt Trips – Ultimately, the manipulator will identify your weaknesses and use them against you. They will absorb your kindness so that you feel as if you owe it to them. This can be easily done and never even noticed.
  • They Diminish Your Problems and Difficulties – Manipulative people will diminish your problems and difficulties. If you had a bad day, their day was worse. If you need help they’re simply unavailable. They will always top your most troublesome difficulties making you sympathize with them. This is one of the easiest ways to identify a manipulator. Simply try and vent to them; you will quickly learn that they are more concerned with themselves.
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