5 Signs of Loneliness That Reveal If You Are Truly Disconnected From Yourself

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Loneliness is not a good feeling to have. Honestly, to me, there is nothing worse than feeling alone. It can even get to a point where you are disconnected from yourself. Sound familiar?

You could probably blame most of the problems we have today on the fact that there is just so many of us. I mean with 7 billion people, things begin to get a bit more complicated. With 7 billion people you would think loneliness wouldn’t be quite the issue, I mean there’s definitely enough of us for everyone to have a buddy. However, loneliness is honestly much more RWC News 5 Signs of Loneliness That Reveal If You Are Truly Disconnected From Yourself  than not having a person to hang out with. Loneliness is a feeling of unworthiness, isolation, and rejection. Loneliness comes in a variety of differing intensities, but it can even get to a point where you are completely disconnected with yourself. This makes it that much more difficult to reconnect with society and end your loneliness.

We are too obligated to meet societal standards that are unfair. Society has faced such harsh, plastic standards on us that nobody can really meet them. However, everybody is trying so hard they are faking it to themselves to make it ‘feel’ like they’re meeting the standards. You see it all day every day. Take Instagram for example; some of the most popular trends today is posting photos of obscure and provocative photos of your amazingly good body or posting photos of your expensive watches, cars, and clothes. This has caused everyone to become insecure and it’s taking an awful toll on us.

Our false sense of self has caused us all to be extremely disconnected with ourselves. We are all so lonely, feeling not good enough, and unwanted that we don’t even like ourselves. Your loneliness has nothing to do with you; it’s a mere side effect of a society unwilling to change. Here are 5 signs that you are rather disconnected from yourself. I’ll also tell you how to reconnect with that old time friend you haven’t seen in so long, you forgot about them; The real you.

You Hate Being Alone

When you are disconnected from yourself you hate being alone. You’ll almost do anything to avoid being by yourself. You might not even notice that you’re doing it, but think about this: are you hanging out with your friends 24/7? There’s a reason that you are constantly with your friends – it’s because you hate being by yourself. You should be comfortable with being by yourself. You should almost seek it.

When you’re Alone You Distract Yourself with Thoughts

Anytime that you are alone you have to constantly be distracted. You have to either be playing a video game, watching tv, going outside, repeat. Those are just examples, but the point is that you keep yourself distracted. Another key factor is you also get continually dissatisfied with everything you distract yourself with.

You Are Always on Social Media

You spend all of your time on social media. You care very much about how people react to your posts, you take care of your profiles, and you care about how many followers you have. You are devoting your time to a profile of a person that’s not you – and it has caused you to become connected to the materialistic world while disconnecting you from yourself.

Being Alone Panics You

Every time you are alone you get somewhat panicked. When your friends start talking about going home you feel scared in a way. Being without wifi or a signal can greatly discomfort you – and don’t even get started on when your phone dies.

You Stay in Relationships

There are many different reasons why you should not be staying in a relationship. This co-dependency is extremely unhealthy for you and the heartache one after the other kills you. You need to be in a relationship to feel loved. This is a sign you need to reconnect with yourself.

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