6 Everyday Habits that Reveal Your True Personality

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“Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.” —Charles M. Schwab

 Your personality is what makes you, a unique blueprint depicting the combination of qualities and characteristics that together form YOU. We use our personality, and the personalities of others, to understand, connect with and create judgments of the people that we meet. For example, if you are an extreme introvert and meet someone who is highly extroverted, that clash in personalities may cause you to shy away and avoid contact.

Not necessarily something that we are actively considering, we discuss the concept of personality on a daily basis with phrases like ‘she gets her personality from her mother,’ ‘he has such a charming personality’ or ‘did you get the impression that she had no personality at all?’

RWC News 6 Everyday Habits that Reveal Your True Personality
Source: BBC

How is it that we are able to assess these personality traits in the people around us? What is it that reveals the secret to who they are? Experts say that it’s the smaller nuances of our daily habits, the little choices that we make each and every day, that conveys this information to the people that we meet.

An age-old debate that we have all heard at one time or another – how do you place the toilet paper in a toilet paper roll holder. Not only do most people have a preference, but we are highly passionate in many cases about how this should go. Interested in what drives us to be so focused on something as simple as the way the toilet paper roll faces, researchers conducted a survey of 200 men and women. The results found that those who believe the paper should roll over the roll are more dominant while those who believe it should roll under are more submissive.

2. Whether or not you are punctual.

Are you always the first to arrive, waiting on your friends, or are you that friend that everyone assumes will be late, even going as far as giving you a meeting time that is 30 min earlier than everyone else? Research reveals that your punctuality will actually reveal whether you are a Type A or Type B personality. Type A personalities are always on time, early even. The very thought of being late can be stressful. Type B personalities don’t understand this preoccupation with time, approaching it in a much more relaxed and ‘chill’ manner.

3. The speed at which you eat your meals.

While you may believe the best way to learn about someone is to see what foods they are choosing to eat, or whether they are a messy eater, Juliet Boghossian, a behavioral food expert and found of Food-ology, explains that the speed you are eating at will actually reveal a lot. She says that those who eat their food slowly are confident, low energy, appreciative, level-headed and often sad whereas those who speed through their meals are ambitious, audacious, impatient, ill-tempered and goal-oriented.

4. How often you use your phone.

Believe it or not, experts state that there is a connection between the level of attachment that we display to our cell phone and our emotional stability. Conducting a study in 2015 into better understanding this phenomenon, participants were asked a series of questions about their dependence on their cell phone to which they had to answer whether they agree or disagree and to what degree. The results showed that those who displayed a lower level of emotional stability were also more likely to be addicted to their cell phones.

5. How you spend your downtime.

We all enjoy it when the time comes, that moment to just take some time ‘to ourselves’ and relax. Did you realize, however, that how you choose to relax will reveal your personality? Researchers Benjamin Chapman at the University of Rochester and Lewis Goldberg at the Oregon Research Institute found that extroverts are more likely to be found soaking in a hot tub, drinking at a bar, decorating or trying to get a tan. Those who are more agreeable will spend their time doing housework like the dishes or ironing, keeping others happy. Open-minded individuals will often be found reading poetry or lounging around the house with no clothing on.

6. The content of our emails.

Ok, you’re likely rolling your eyes believing that this is obvious, but we aren’t referring to times that you have written ‘I’m feeling impatient’ or ‘I’m just stubborn.’ There are smaller nuances to the emails that you are sending that will convey your personality to those who read them. Clinical psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic points out that extroverts are more likely to include upbeat, fun topics, sharing about their personal lives and daily activities. Narcissists, known for being highly controlling in person, will also carry this through to the language that they use. Their emails will contain a lot of ‘Mine,’ ‘Me,’ and ‘I.’


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