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The Left Continues Its War on Christmas, in the Name of Tolerance

In a time when most Americans are enjoying the holiday season, settling in for Christmas celebrations with their family and friends, there remains a subset who is intent on crushing the spirit for everyone else.

These spoilsports are a coalition of atheists, communists, far-left liberals, Muslims, and other minority religious groups.

Year after year, this army of malcontents tries to ruin the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ by injecting divisive politics and religious bigotry into the national dialogue around Christmas time.

It started with a small demand. Just replace “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays”, they urged. We were admonished that it would be more respectful to people from all religions if we removed Christ from Christmas. After all, America is supposed to be multicultural.

Most well-meaning Christians began to oblige them, going out of their way to wish people Happy Holidays and avoid saying the C-word.

Of course that wasn’t enough for these grievance-mongers. Once they taste blood, they only want more.

In the past several years we’ve witnessed an all-out war on Christmas iconography, across the United States. Far-Left radicals are stripping the Christian religion out of everything they come across, and Christmas time is an especially rich target for them.

Here are some of the bans on Christmas that prove our government is trying to remove traditional spirituality from all public life:

ACLU suing Indiana town over cross display as part of Christmas decorations

In the small burg of Knightstown, Indiana, the ACLU has teamed up with local buzzkill Joseph Tompkins to destroy one of the town’s only Christmas decorations.

Tompkins took a long-standing tradition from the town and turned it into a nightmare. He has filed a lawsuit which alleges that the cross used on a tree for years is a “symbol of Christianity,” and has no business on town property. He says that he has been caused irreparable harm by being forced to drive by the tree with a few lights and cross sitting atop it.

The only way to make things right, according to Tompkins and the ACLU, is to take the cross down immediately and pay him monetary damages for the harm he’s already had to endure.

We can imagine the precedent that will be set if this suit is to win.

Another incident caught our eye in the Hoosier State, when we saw how a school district was sued last year for their live nativity scene.

Concord Community Schools were sued in federal court by a father and his high school son, again with help from the ACLU.

The high school performs a Christmas Spectacular every year, with performances featuring holiday songs, dancing, and costumed pageantry. One of the traditional parts of the show is a twenty minute depiction of the birth of Jesus, with a live nativity scene. The school was sued over this portion of the presentation.

The lawsuit filed by the unnamed plaintiff claims the Nativity scene “is coercive, represents an endorsement of religion… has no secular purpose and has the principal purpose of advancing religion, and we are asking for the scene to be omitted from the performance at the school moving forward.”

Live Nativity Scenes Have Been a Favorite Target of Attack by the Left

We saw the University of Tennessee jump on the progressive anti-Christian bandwagon last Christmas when their Orwellian sounding Office of Diversity and Inclusion” published a 10-point plan for removing Christmas from holiday celebrations.

Their guidelines cautioned revelers to “ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise”.

Among their recommendations:

  • Have a multicultural New Years party instead of a Christmas party.
  • Don’t encourage people to bring traditional Christmas dishes to a holiday party.
  • Send non-denominational Christmas cards only! No “Merry Christmas” allowed!
  • Holiday Games like Dreidel and Secret Santa are strictly forbidden. No Christmas gift-giving.
  • Decor and refreshments should not reflect a Christmas theme. Minority students should be given airtime to promote their religions instead of discussing the meaning of Christmas.

The residents of Tennessee were none too pleased when they caught wind of these campus directives, and the people involved caught a lot of heat from lawmakers.

In Texas, a teacher was forced to remove a Charlie Brown Christmas poster due to a biblical reference.

The poster had a picture of the character Linus, with a quote from the beloved cartoon which included a biblical verse: “For unto you is born this day in the City of David a savior which is Christ the Lord. That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.”

Her school board voted six to one to permanently remove the poster from the Patterson Middle School.

At a university campus in Virginia, students signed a petition to ban the popular song “White Christmas” because it is a microaggression against people of color. The sheepish coeds dutifully went along with this laughable sketch and signed the petition on command.

School districts in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, have gone to court and won the right to ban Christmas Carols like Silent Night and Joy to the World from all school events.

In the beach town of Santa Monica, a small club has been putting on a Nativity Scene in a neighborhood Park every year around Christmas time. They’ve been doing it since the fifties. In 2011, an atheist group set up shop and decided to run them out of town. After a few legal volleys, it worked, and the nativity scene was forever banished from the park.

And in Oregon, an entire school district has asked their staff not to use Santa Claus in their holiday decorations at school.

“You may still decorate your door or office if you like, but we ask that you be respectful and sensitive to the diverse perspectives and beliefs of our community and refrain from using religious-themed decorations or images like Santa Claus,” the Hillsboro School District said in a letter to staff.

It’s Tiresome Keeping Up With the Demands of the PC Left

As we have seen, liberals are doing their best to ruin Christmas for children and adults alike. Across the nation, Wherever they reach sufficient numbers to make their insane demands, nothing is sacred.

It’s times like this we can be extra thankful if we live in a wonderful community full of hard-working, Christmas-celebrating folks. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

For everyone else, they must be prepared to watch the Left take their annual potshots at everything traditional Americans hold dear.

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