8 Non-Physical Aspects of a Woman’s True Beauty

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“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.”

  • Zoe Kravitz


The beauty and cosmetics industry in the United States is massive. In fact, in 2015 the U.S. was named the most valuable beauty and personal care market globally, causing brands to focus their attention on their American customer base in order to capitalize on growth and success. That year alone the value of the market in the United States hit $80 billion with companies aiming to continue the industry growth in the years to follow.

Marketing efforts and advertisements all focused around one central idea – the products marketed in this industry are designed to make you look and feel beautiful. Many brands have specifically worked to capitalize off the insecurities of young women, promising to increase their feelings of self-esteem and self-worth through the regular use of their products. Dependence on the cosmetic industry has spread so far, and become so normal, that a ‘no-makeup selfies’ campaign swept social media, each shedding their daily makeup routines in favor of a single selfie revealing how they look ‘au naturale.’

RWC News 8 Non-Physical Aspects of a Woman’s True Beauty
Source: I Heart Intelligence

This is not to say that the use of makeup is inherently wrong. I write this article while rocking my own makeup favorites. The use of beauty products can be fun, and a great way to express ourselves. We just need to ensure that we are doing so due to a love for products and not as means of trying to cover our own body image and self-esteem issues. Rock your makeup because you LOVE it, not because you feel that you NEED it in order to be beautiful!

The ever so elusive concept of beauty is one that many of us struggle to define. What really determines if someone is ‘beautiful’? Is there even a definition that can be applied universally, or is this a concept that is unique to each culture, geographic location and even to each individual?

Unfortunately, in our society, a myth exists that in order to be beautiful a woman cannot also be smart as if it must be one or the other. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A woman who dedicates herself to being intelligent, well-read, cultured and full of wisdom is a woman that should be respected. Her intelligence provides her with a beauty of the mind, a beauty that surrounds her like an aura attracting others to her.

2. Her true passion in life.

So many people go through life just doing as they believe that they should, chasing dreams they have been taught that they should chase. When a woman is able to discover her true passion, it ignites a fire deep within her, giving her a new outlook on life. She radiates happiness and confidence, and it’s both incredibly attractive and contagious!

3. She possesses a true confidence.

A beautiful woman doesn’t need anyone to tell her that she’s beautiful, she is already aware of it. This isn’t to say that she is self-centered, bragging about her view of personal superiority. She doesn’t waste her time and energy bragging or posting in an attempt to fish for compliments. Instead, she is confident in who she is without the need for validation, holding her head high as she walks through this life.

4. Marching by the beat of her own drum, she is truly unique.

We will meet thousands of people throughout the course of our lives, some of which will stand out and catch our attention and others simply fade into the crowd, a mere cookie cutter of society’s stereotypes and expectations. The women who stand out are those who are unafraid to go against the crowd, embracing the very aspects of their personalities that set them apart from everyone else. They know that they are unique and they love it, allowing their individuality to shine.

5. She brings energy into the room.

When it comes to the concept of energy there are two types of people, those who bring energy into the room when they enter it, helping those that they encounter to feel motivated and inspired in life, and those who drain the energy from everyone that they come near. Energetic, motivated and adventurous women are contagious, rubbing off on others. They share their beauty with everyone that they meet.

6. A true smile.

Life is a rollercoaster, and we will all experience our share of ups and downs. A beautiful woman is aware of this; however, she also knows that a single smile has the power to lighten the mood and bring beauty to everyone around her. She is fun-loving and appreciative during the good and the bad, bringing light to any room that she enters. Sure, she too experiences sadness, anger and grief in life, however, she doesn’t mope or dwell on these feelings. She allows herself to experience them, release them and move forward.

7. She is genuinely compassionate.

When a woman acts in a compassionate way, focusing on the well-being of those around her, it provides a glimpse into her caring and loving heart. This ability to love on the world around her radiates a beauty that words cannot begin to describe. Her love and devotion to others can be seen within her eyes, creating a true ‘glow’ that no makeup product can recreate.

8. A true fighter, she refuses to back down.

A strong, determined woman may be seen as intimidating to some, however, that is only due to a failure to truly get to know the heart and soul that these women possess. Warriors, willing to take on the world and power through in the pursuit of their goals and dreams, nothing is going to hold them down! This doesn’t mean the women who seek out conflict, starting an argument over petty little things in life, but rather those that demonstrate resilience and tenacity in their pursuit of the bigger picture.

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