About RWC: Some of our sources are what the Mainstream Media use to discredit real stories like snopes and factcheck. Right Wingers who know the truth know that snopes is a liberal scam run by George Soros. They continually try to hide actual factual in order to fulfill their liberal agenda and to control the Mainstream Media. That is what separates us from the rest and made us the #1 source for news for 3 years running. Our staff and reporters scour through endless documents seeking out the truth and we perform our own real fact-checking in-house without relying on the MSM. We take the stories directly from the fact checking sites (only the ones deemed false) and then replicate them here on RWC, we do so verbatim. We also use viral emails as a source for our stories as those tend to have a lot of information that the MSM also will not report on. We make every attempt to ensure the complete inaccuracy of our stories. We take these fake stories or fabricate our own and then put them on our website so that gullible people who take zero time to fact check anything, believe in conspiracy theories or really think that Soros owns snopes can entertain us.

RWC has been Ranked #1 for 3-years running in online that the Mainstream Media refuses to talk about. RWCNews.com News that you can trust! Get the latest up to date information in Politics. We report the what the Mainstream Media will not. We avoid the fake stories the MSM reports on.

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