Acting Director Of U.S. Customs & Immigration Services Has Resigned

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RWC News Acting Director Of U.S. Customs & Immigration Services Has Resigned

The Acting Director Of The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Has Just Resigned

When won the Presidential election in November, it marked the end of the eight-year reign of President Barack Obama. The following months leading up to Trump’s Inauguration were spent transiting Obama out of office and Trump into office.

This included creating an all-new Cabinet team and the start of creating policies that Trump wanted to have in place. Once Obama was out of the White House, there wasn’t much he could do to stop President Trump from pushing through orders he promised to the American people.

Unfortunately, even though Obama was out of the White House, there were still staff members that were appointed by the former Commander-In-Chief that were still looking to oppose President Trump. Some of these people would do anything and everything they could to oppose the new president.


Others have started to leave on their own accord. That is what happened with the Acting Director at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Lori Scialabba, who was part of the Department of Homeland Security, “announced her coming retirement from federal service,” according to a spokesperson.

As it turns out, Scialabba was at the top of a list of eight Obama holdovers that were identified by Breitbart. This was a list of people that President Trump “can fire or remove at Homeland Security.”

RWC News Acting Director Of U.S. Customs & Immigration Services Has Resigned

There Are Still Seven Obama Holdovers That Can Be Fired By President Trump

A source from within the Department of Homeland Security said that Scialabba had sent a message to her colleagues at USCIS about her upcoming resignation. Her letter, which starts off with, “Dear Colleagues, “ was sent around to the entire USCIS.


“After almost 33 years of public service, I will be retiring from the federal government at the end of March. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with USCIS for over 10 years, first as the associate director of the Refugee, Asylum and International Operations Directorate, and then serving as your deputy director for nearly six years. While the decision to leave USCIS was difficult, the opportunity presented was right for me. I have accepted a position in the private sector and look forward to the new challenge.”

The rest of her letter can be read here.

As this letter was going around, a spokesperson from the Department of Homeland Security was saying that this isn’t a resignation letter. “I can confirm the text you sent [above] is not a resignation letter – it is from an all-USCIS email dated March 7 from the acting director which informed agency employees of her decision to retire from a federal service at the end of March after almost 33 years of public service.”

That statement is hard to trust though, as during Scialabba’s brief time with the Trump administration, she openly defied him. Specifically, she told her employees to defy Trump’s refugee ban.


RWC News Acting Director Of U.S. Customs & Immigration Services Has Resigned

Unsurprisingly, Scialabba Was Against Trump During Her Brief Time Under Him

“One week after President fulfilled a campaign promise by curbing the arrival of refugees from several-majority countries, a senior bureaucrat at the Department of Homeland Security countermanded his presidential directive,” as reported by Breitbart at the end of February.

As it turns out, that “senior bureaucrat” was Lori Scialabba. It’s not all that surprising that an Obama appointee would be going against Trump. However, now that she is resigning, there are now only seven people left from that original list of eight.

These are the following people whom President Trump “can fire or remove at Homeland Security:

  • David Grannis, a Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the DHS
  • Tracy Renaud, Acting Deputy Director in Management Directorate, USCIS, DHS
  • Daniel Renaud, Associate Director, in the Field Operations Directorate, USCIS, DHS
  • Joanna Ruppel, an Acting Associate Director in the Refugee, Asylum and International Operations, USCIS, DHS
  • Mark Borkowski, an Assistant Commissioner for Technology Innovation and Acquisition, Customs and Border Patrol, DHS
  • Seth M. Stodder, an Assistant Secretary for Border, Immigration and Trade Policy, Office of Policy, DHS
  • Mary E. Giovagnoli, a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Border, Immigration and Trade Policy, DHS

However, just because Scialabba is not going to be at the USCIS anymore, that doesn’t mean she is going to stop opposing President Trump. According to a source within the DHS, “I would bet that Scialabba will be joining a law team that will be filing lawsuits against Trump.”


It’s not surprising that someone from the Obama era is going to be opposing Trump all they can. After all, most people that supported either Obama or the Democrats have done what they could to stop any pro-Trump from getting out there. CNN, known for their slant to the left, cut the feed of a guest when he started bringing up statistics that would be considered “pro-Trump.”

RWC News Acting Director Of U.S. Customs & Immigration Services Has Resigned

CNN Has A Bad Habit Of Doing This

Trump is also facing a lot of heat from the Democrats, although that was to be expected. However, what they are saying makes absolutely no sense. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that the Trump administration hasn’t done anything to help Americans. Not only is she wrong; she also looks incredibly stupid saying that.

Share this article with everyone to show that one more holdover from the Obama era has decided to resign. Naturally, this is someone that was against the actions President Trump has made. That being said, it also marks one less person to oppose Trump in Washington.

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