Activism March Bans All Pro-Trump Women, Irony As Feminists Defend Sharia Islam Over America

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RWC News Activism March Bans All Pro-Trump Women, Irony As Feminists Defend Sharia Islam Over America

Intollerant and hypocritacal feminist protesting Presdient-elect Trump.

Brace yourselves, the feminists are coming.

Yes, just a day after President-elect is sworn into office, the Women’s March on Washington will inflict its message of “tolerance”, “acceptance”, and “equality” on the rest of everyday Americans. With expectations of one hundred thousand attendees, the centerpiece of the Left’s “resistance” the the incoming administration could be a formidable statement, if not for collapsing under the weight of its hypocritical feminist nonsense.

Like a snake swallowing its own tail, the Left’s poisonous multi-culturalism and identity politics are devouring its political operations.


Organizers of the march – who happen to be largely white, are being told to “go to the back of the line”, literally and figuratively as minority women regurgitate the brainwashed non-sense that’s been drilled into their heads about “white privilege”. Considering feminism is comprised mostly of liberal white women and designed around their values, one wonders who would be left in line at all should they follow their minority sister’s edict.

RWC News Activism March Bans All Pro-Trump Women, Irony As Feminists Defend Sharia Islam Over America

Trump supporting women are not welcome at the upcoming “inclusive” and “tolerant” women’s march in Wsahington D.C.

At this point the sounds of uproarious laughter you may be hearing is the collective reaction of the millions of Trump supporters, who were repeatedly told they were racist’s, sexist’s, and bigots throughout last year’s election season. Who could blame any conservative at enjoying the delicious irony of Liberals and Progressives being decimated by their own political Frankenstein.

Feminism, as a political movement, is in the process of being devoured by its own illogical and inconsistently applied dogma. Long ago the feminist movement was usurped and the cause reconfigured into a political machine, of which the prime interests are votes and money. As such, their message has been splintered and hypocritically applied to the point that its own members bicker over who is and isn’t one.


Like unions, there was a time in this country when a women’s protest movement was more than warranted. In 2017, however, most women dislike being labeled a feminist because they understand that the movement has a political agenda that is not simply about “equality for women”. For starters, the overwhelming majority of Americans agree with this basic concept of equal rights and opportunities. Women are more empowered to do what they want in life than ever before in human history.

Lacking actual reasons to exist and gin up outrage, feminists have created demons to exorcise and dragons to slay – unequal pay, campus rape, men are privileged, to name the most prevalent. All of these “problems” have been shown countless times to be nothing more than straw man arguments designed to divide and mislead women-particularly young, into the belief that they are being oppressed by a Patriarchal society designed structurally and culturally to keep them unceasingly giving birth and making sandwiches for their male oppressors.

It’s hilariously nonsensical stuff. So much so that one insane feminist’s mantra is constantly conflicting with another crazed one.

The feminist movement in America today is simply another political tool for Democrats to raise money and get votes. This reality is profoundly evident by simply observing that feminists only care about problems for women who are liberal. Conversely, they could care less about women who are not aligned with them politically. In a twisted irony, conservative women often face intense sexual harassment and challenges from the very groups who claim to be for “all women”. Yet Hillary Clinton was greatly aided by feminists, utilizing a heretofore unknown talent to defend serial sexual predator Bill Clinton during his Presidency – silence.


RWC News Activism March Bans All Pro-Trump Women, Irony As Feminists Defend Sharia Islam Over America

Pro-life womens right’s don’t count in the world of feminism.

In this past election, any sort of crazed accusation against was screeched at from proverbial mountaintop by feminists, while they continued to keep silent about the actions of Hillary and Bill during his thirty some odd years in politics.  Again, we see how feminists will laser focus on sexual assault only if the alleged crime is committed by a conservative. Yet they scurry away like rats to hide when a liberal is involved negatively.

Even liberal women who dare to make their own choices about which issues to support, are harassed and cast out for their independent thinking. A feminist group which is also Pro-life has been kicked out of the Women’s March on Washington. In a statement released by the groups organizers – presumably after checking their white privilege, the group confirmed that they support all women, except for the unborn ones and the women who defend them. So, first liberal women are punished for making a different choice about a political issue, then all women who don’t think like they do (Pro-life) are not welcome, finally any rights of the unborn girls are also not to be defended.

Feminism for me, but not for thee; nowhere is this more apparent than the left’s defense of a woman’s “choice” to kill an unborn girl who will never be given a choice herself.

RWC News Activism March Bans All Pro-Trump Women, Irony As Feminists Defend Sharia Islam Over America

Feminist care more about protesting Trump than they do Sharia Law.


They even go out of their way to defend perhaps the only cultures and regions of the world that do treat women unequally. In what is akin to chickens defending Colonel Sanders, feminists fall over themselves defending Islamic countries that practice Sharia law. Yes, “defenders of women” go out their way to defend cultures that condone rape, “honor” killings, and all sorts of physical and mental abuse to women in their countries. To say nothing of the lack of rights to own property, dress as you please, or even drive a car.

Why are feminists not marching in the streets of Saudi Arabia instead of Washington D.C.? Why are they trying to undercut a President who has the courage to call out the dangers of bringing in unvetted people from Syria who have allegiance to these women hating laws over the constitution?

This is feminism, deadly serious to those involved; an exercise in eye-rolling and head scratching by the rest of us in the real world. Years from now women marching Saturday will look back embarrassingly when trying to explain its significance; not unlike explaining some horribly out of date fashion choice forever immortalized by camera.

That is their legacy when it comes to defending the rights of women; sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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