Actors PRANK Hollywood As Spider Man Stunt Fools Red Carpet

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RWC News Actors PRANK Hollywood As Spider Man Stunt Fools Red Carpet

Actor Hannibal Buress sends writer Joe Carroll to cover his red carpet appearance, and no one noticed.

Walking the red carpet always looks so glamorous. There are cameras everywhere, and the press knows you by name. It seems everyone around you is a fan and they are hanging on every word you say. At the big premier of your blockbuster movie, you just know you have finally made it. Your face is all over, and you are a household name. Suddenly everyone is your new best friend, and they know everything about you, or do they? At a movie premiere for the new Spider-Man movie, this was put to the test.

While Hollywood and the mainstream media wants us to think they are both liberal and progressive, it seems when it comes to minority actors, this is questionable. When Hannibal Buress was not able to attend his red carpet event in Hollywood, he set out to see if mainstream media paid enough attention to black actors or if he could pass off another actor as himself in his place.

After reaching out to several artists, Buress connected with writer and actor Joe Carroll. Carroll documented the stunt on his social media as he made an attempt to crash the red carpet as Buress. While both actors are black, fans quickly pointed out there are some very distinct differences between the two. The hashtag #weAllLookALikeRight quickly became attached to the unfolding prank. According to Carroll:

“When @hannibalburess hits you up and tells you to crash the red carpet since he couldn’t make it…. You crash the damn red carpet.”

Carroll entered the movie premier space as most actors do, via a car with a driver. It seems the driver was not aware that the passenger was not Buress and failed to verify his identity. This was the first place that this prank could have been detected, but it was not. There seems to be little established to keep someone from just hijacking the car that is sent for the celebrity and making their way into the event. Carroll described the arrival at the event:

“It was exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. I didn’t actually think I would get away with it up until the last second when my feet were out of the car and I was signing autographs!”

As Carroll arrived at the event, he again should have encountered some security for the event. With the safety of the actors at risk, it seems there should be security measures in place to verify the identity of the actors. After looking at the social media accounts of both Buress and Carroll, it is clear this is not a case of the two looking exactly alike. Fans of both were quick to call the bluff on social media but no one in security or the media noticed. That is alarming on its own since this could have ended a lot worse than the simple prank. Security allowed an impostor to walk the red carpet and access a movie premier with other actors.

Security seemed to be lacking at the event. As the CEO of Control the Crowd Protection Group Nathan Williams explains:


“Training and proper credentials are the key to security at this type of event. A well trained protection agent is prepared to deal with issues like an imposter trying to access the red carpet.”

The issues with Carroll being able to easily pass through security are not the worst part of this red carpet crash. Mainstream media even went as far as interviewing the stand-in as Buress. Talking to the actor and interacting with him did not tip off the swap. One has to wonder if the media source doing the interview was even paying attention or is it simple enough to trade one black actor for another.

In this case, it did not matter to the crew covering the movie premier that this was not someone even in the film. The film knew there was a black character in the movie and found themselves a black man walking the red carpet. This proves Carroll’s earlier question using the #weAllLookAlikeRight tag. Carroll’s interview with Marvell Livestream went live and was shared by Buress on social media. Marvell has since deleted the portion of their feed that includes the Carroll interview and has made no comment about the situation.

In the hours after the prank, the light-hearted Carroll was flooded with media contacts. While he was quietly able to pass through security at the movie premier, he was not able to dodge the likes of a television crew from Inside Edition. It seems this prank may gain more attention than either Carroll or Buress ever anticipated.

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Emma Laftchu
I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.


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