Actors Silently Support Planned Parenthood With Golden Pins at Oscars

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The Oscars were an evening of missteps and mishaps and the focus was largely on politics and the new President administration. However, there was one huge political message that many stars were pushing that no one really talked about. You had to look closely to get the hidden agenda.

During the red carpet arrivals, media outlets focused on the celebrities’ fashion, talking about their designer gowns, jewelry, shoes and accessories.

But there was one accessory that seemed to keep popping up that wasn’t so much a “fashion statement” as it was a political statement.

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A Planned Parenthood symbol was pinned to the dresses and purses of several Hollywood elites. Emma Stone, who took home the Best Actress Oscar (but wasn’t in the Best Movie), wore the little gold pin on her dress.

RWC News Actors Silently Support Planned Parenthood With Golden Pins at Oscars

As noted by Newsbusters, NBC anchor Natalie Morales commented on Stone’s and other celebrities’ dash of liberal politics with their ensembles.

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“Along with fashion statements, there were plenty of political statements,” Morales said, citing Stone’s outfit.

Morales also noted other celebrities who were wearing the symbols of other organization on their clothing, namely the American Civil Liberties Union and the organization formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. (It’s now known as GLAAD, because “gay” and “lesbian” weren’t politically correct enough, believe it or not.)

RWC News Actors Silently Support Planned Parenthood With Golden Pins at Oscars

“50 Shades Darker” actress Dakota Johnson wore the pin on her clutch purse. Karlie Kloss, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Barry Jenkins, Sting, Busy Phillips, and Ruth Nega all wore ACLU ribbons on their outfits, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

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This political statement mixed with fashion was Hollywood’s way of saying collectively that they intend to continue to push the liberal agenda as far as they can.

Many are forgetting that Planned Parenthood has a sordid history and regardless of Hollywood’s view on a woman’s “right to choose.” No one should support a company that has been busted bargaining over the sale of dismembered babies’ body parts.

It starts as small as a pin and a ribbon … but where does it lead?

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