AG Loretta Lynch Approved Obama’s WireTap Requests After Secret Bill Clinton Meeting On Tarmac

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RWC News AG Loretta Lynch Approved Obama’s WireTap Requests After Secret Bill Clinton Meeting On Tarmac

The FISA court just signed off on any request to attack Trump that was given.

Regrettable,” is the word that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch used to describe her meeting with would be First Man, William Jefferson Clinton, on the tarmac of an airport. While some doubted as to whether even a Clinton would be so brash as to conduct such a meeting of questionable legal purpose in front of the whole world, but perhaps thinking that no one would suspect such an obvious “out in the open” cheat was why it was chosen. In any event, with his wife in a neck and neck race with the opposing parties Donald Trump, former Democratic president Bill Clinton did very much meet with Obama’s Democratic AG and just like that…that very AG signs off on every FISA order against Trump.

The Gateway Pundit has reported this and the fact that Chief Justice John Roberts has, since 2005, appointed all of the judges to the FISA court. Roberts is one of the most liberal justices on the court and has been a huge supporter of the failing Obamacare which Trump pledged to repeal and replace. While this court is supposed to ensure that everyone has their rights honored, how can that be when it is known that only 2 out of 10,000 applications were turned down for a FISA stamp? Are we to believe that the authorities got it right at a rate of 5,000 to 1? This is not only “rubber stamping,” this is one step away from a simple stamping machine in the court hallway. Is there any reason for a court under such circumstances?

RWC News AG Loretta Lynch Approved Obama’s WireTap Requests After Secret Bill Clinton Meeting On Tarmac

Trump has been proven right once again.


Now Lynch is in hot water because while just signing off on every piece of paper to spy on anyone for any reason, she signed off on wiretapping Trump in the process. We have already established that the F.B.I. is being called into question by the House Judiciary Committee, so now we can see that this was an abuse of authority used to target Trump without reason. The “Russian connection” was already a known lie by the time that Lynch got the paper, and yet she allowed it to move ahead anyway, devoid of merit though it was.  This may be the motive behind Lynch calling for more protests in the street. Not only that, but as Gateway Pundit also shows, “This also means that she chose not to investigate the Clinton Foundation for illegal activities but rather signed an application to wire tap President Trump”

It is also noted, in what is but a .02 percent chance of happening according to the facts presented of only two applications being denied that “the FISA Court turned down President Obama’s Administration’s first request to wire tap President Trump that was evidently signed off on by Attorney General Lynch.” While the Clintons will say that there is no proof that the tarmac conversation was the conversation that lead to this haste by Lynch to illegally use the. F.B.I. against for no reason, it is proof that something somewhere had happened along those very lines. Either that, or Lynch has to admit to simply allowing everything that passed over her desk to be given the green light for “go!” If this were to prove the case (which is her only remaining excuse) then she will go down in history as the worst AG ever and she may STILL see a prison cell.

RWC News AG Loretta Lynch Approved Obama’s WireTap Requests After Secret Bill Clinton Meeting On Tarmac

The nation asked why Bill Clinton met on the tarmac with Lynch. Today, we have found the answer.

Everyone that she just allowed to be spied upon, even those who needed to be, will have their cases called into question, outcomes disputed, and billions lost in retrials. That will never be allowed to happen so it is not something that Lynch is likely to blame the permission upon. It will be interesting to see if Comey and Lynch have two wildly conflicting reports about the whole affair, something that they can debate during those long nights while up playing chess together behind bars. The American people have been lied to yet again, this time narrowly missing electing Mrs. Clinton to office based on faulty data, fake news, and an F.B.I. that Lynch gave permission to cheat to via her automatic, knew jerk reaction to every government request.


Not only should this alarm those what supported the honesty of Donald Trump, but also everyone who cares about liberty. As it stands today, the 4th Amendment is not in good shape. The “right to be left alone” rests in tatters, dog-eared, and ignored. Today we as a people are used to being stopped at checkpoints, DUI hassled (when NOT drunk), issued tickets, and bothered for just walking down the street with a large pop. A SWAT team can burst into our doors, bomb our babies cribs and then blame the baby!  The Democrats and socialists are attacking an honest and noble man like Jeff Sessions who is wrong on a great number of things while defending Lynch who is proving to be one of the most corrupt and morally bankrupt AG’s in all of American history.

RWC News AG Loretta Lynch Approved Obama’s WireTap Requests After Secret Bill Clinton Meeting On Tarmac

Clinton was widely mocked for his meeting with Lynch even as it happened.

The left has seen gunrunning from Holder that they overlooked and many other offenses that for whatever reason just keep going unpunished. Meanwhile, Trump is seeing his staff liable, slandered, and pushed out of their posts for doing nothing but doing their jobs. If Lynch had spent a little bit more time actually doing her job instead of allowing every whim and wish of Obama to be granted as if she were some fairy Godmother then most of her party would not be praying to a God that they do not believe in to say out of jail.

No one should think that Clinton is not watching this because while the Drudge Report showed an article about Clinton settling into “normal life,” it must not be believed. Clinton has her snake like eyes fixed upon the mayorship of New York City and is only worried about saying it likely due to the threat that government will pursue her harder before the gets into office. If all of this works like it seems to be prone to based on what we know now and have so far confirmed, then not only won’t Clinton be mayor of the Big Apple, she will lucky to be on the janitorial staff with work privileges that entails cleaning the bathrooms. While at it, perhaps Lynch can pull community service cleaning the filth from the tarmac.

RWC News AG Loretta Lynch Approved Obama’s WireTap Requests After Secret Bill Clinton Meeting On Tarmac

The meeting with Lynch and Bill Clinton will be closed reviewed in light of today’s news.

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