Alert: Google “Revising” History… Try Searching This US President

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Even George Orwell would be stunned by this.

The liberals at Google have been making a lot of lately for all the wrong reasons: firing an honest engineer who wrote a memo stating the obvious about women in the engineering field; letting political biases skew their search results the company gives its users.

But flat-out lying about Abraham Lincoln is something no American could have expected.

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But that’s just what the world’s most popular search engine is doing when users type in a question about the nation’s 16th – and most revered – president.

And it’s lying about one of the most basic facts that are known about the first Republican Party president, besides his being assassinated and freeing the slaves.

If a Google user types in the question “What political party did Abraham Lincoln belong to?” the answer is absolutely astounding – and it’s not the one that every schoolchild learns.

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RWC News Alert: Google “Revising” History… Try Searching This US President

The National Union Party? Sure, that was the name the Republican Party adopted for the election of 1864, when Lincoln was facing a re-election challenge from Democrat and former Gen. George McClellan.

It’s an election Lincoln might have lost, too, if it had not been for Union victories in the field of battle – especially the fall of Atlanta the September before the voting.

But no American learns that Abraham Lincoln was the nominee of the National Union Party, because that wasn’t how he got elected to the presidency in the first place.

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Lincoln was a Republican, the nominee of the party that was literally founded to ensure the end of slavery in the United States and the consequent emancipation of blacks in slavery in the Democrat states of the South.

Trying to wipe away that history is apace with the mainstream media’s complicity with the Democrat Party today in trying to paint Republicans as the party opposed to civil rights for all Americans. However, that is simply not the case.

Manipulating history — or attempting to do so — for current political goals is common in totalitarian, socialist societies. It was such an obsession in the Soviet Union that when Orwell wrote his magnificent “1984,” predicting where socialist dictatorships would eventually lead Western civilization, he made his chief character a man who rewrote history for a living.

In the world Orwell envisioned, the ruling socialists would make inconvenient historical facts disappear down “memory holes,” to be replaced by historical fiction more in line with the political demands of the totalitarian rulers.

But trying to pretend Abraham Lincoln was something other than a Republican?

Even Orwell would have been stunned.

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