Ann Coulter Eviscerates Washington Post For Saying They Are ‘Relieved’ Vegas Shooter Was White

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RWC News Ann Coulter Eviscerates Washington Post For Saying They Are ‘Relieved’ Vegas Shooter Was White

The mainstream media has been celebrating that the Vegas shooter is a white guy and not a. Whenever it is a, they preach to not judge all Muslims based on the actions of a few. But when it is a white guy, they can attack white people as a race.

The Washington Post wrote an article called “I was devastated about Las Vegas — but quietly relieved that the shooter was white.”

“I doubt many people of color were celebrating and high-fiving each other because we didn’t look like the bad guy. But I know that if the shooter had been black, the national conversation would somehow ‘straw-man’ its way into being about and black criminality. God help us if it had happened at a rap concert,” they wrote.

Ann Coulter slapped some sense into the media with an epic rant. “The media’s idea of hard-hitting investigative reporting is to taunt gun-owners and white men. Making snarky political remarks is Job No. 1 of reporters. Apparently, it’s also the new job description for late-night comics. As long as we’re looking for jobs that Americans just won’t do, maybe we could find some immigrants to tell jokes and report news,” wrote Coulter.

“We’re getting a lot of smirky, celebratory headlines, like these: AMERICA’S WHITE MAN PROBLEM; HOW AMERICA HAS SILENTLY ACCEPTED THE RAGE OF WHITE MEN; THE WHITE PRIVILEGE OF THE “LONE WOLF” SHOOTER. While it’s great that liberals have finally found a mass murder that they don’t think can be defeated with a “Je Suis Charlie” hashtag, they’re either lying or they don’t know what they’re talking about,” wrote Coulter.

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