Astrology Explained: Who Am I?

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Incredibly superstitious, the ancient Greeks were the first people to take the concept of astrology and arrange into the modern form that we recognize today. Taking the Babylonian concept of the twelve individual signs, the Greeks borrowed from the myths and beliefs of other cultures, bringing them together with a number of their own to create our current understanding of the Zodiac. Even the name ‘astrology’ can be traced back to the Greek culture, derived from the Greek word ‘asteri’ meaning star.

The 12-sign system of thinking in its most simplified form is a well-known source of information today. Present in nearly every newspaper, and reaching all corners of the Internet, our horoscope according to our Zodiac sign appears to be ever present. While some will ring clear, building upon our belief in the system others may appear foggy or inaccurate.

Part of the challenge may be the oversimplification of astrology using just this system. By restricting ourselves to only considering the 12 signs of the Zodiac we are attempting to fit each individual into one of 12 definitions, leaving very little room for the individuality and unique characteristics that define the human population.

There are, however, better options available.

By understanding not only your Zodiac sign but also your Moon sign and Rising sign, you can better pinpoint a genuine interpretation of your personality as predicted through the art of astrology. For example, while there are a large number of people who were born in Aries, requiring a broad description that can fit such a vast group, one can instead narrow the group down. Adding in the moon sign breaks this group down further into 12 smaller classifications. Adjusting for your Rising sign narrows the field even further, providing a narrow, targeted description.

RWC News Astrology Explained: Who Am I?

Your Zodiac sign, or Sun sign, as we currently know and accept in today’s society is the position of the sun at the time of your birth. This sign is the basis for your personality, providing a strong foundation upon which to develop an accurate astrological reading. These personality traits are considered your ‘active traits.’

Similarly, your Moon sign is determined by where the moon is positioned. Determining our moon sign allows us to then apply some more specific and detailed nuances to the personality. Specifically, the moon sign, associated with the moon, the darker side of the light/dark balance in the world, discusses our hidden desires and feelings. It looks at our true nature, regardless of how guarded these personality traits may be. These personality traits are considered your ‘passive’ traits.

Finally, the Rising sign looks specifically at how others view us. This is the way in which we portray ourselves to the world, whether that portrayal is accurate or merely a persona that we have created in an attempt to fool those around us. Remember: regardless of how hard you may try to fool the world, your true self will always shine through in the end.

To begin with, you will have to find out your three signs. While your Sun sign is incredibly easy, based solely on the date of your birth, your Moon sign and Rising sign are even more specific and require elaborate tables to analyze and determine. However, thanks to the beauty of the internet, there are many different resources to discover this information simply by imputing the information into an online program. For example, the Rising sign calculator at Astrosofa will quickly provide you with all three signs simply by providing your date, time and location of birth.

Once you have this information, use this chart to discover your true personality:

RWC News Astrology Explained: Who Am I?

This article is based off an article written by Magical Recipes Online.

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