Australians Flee As ‘Heavy Islamic Settlements’ Take Over, Official Now Classifying Areas “Ghettos”

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RWC News Australians Flee As ‘Heavy Islamic Settlements’ Take Over, Official Now Classifying Areas “Ghettos”

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts warns Parliament about accepting people groups with no intent of assimilating into the culture.

Over the last few weeks, the liberal media has blasted Trump’s immigration policy and barraged viewers with heart-wrenching stories of hopeless refugees in U.S detainments camps, and frostbitten Syrians walking to Canada through bitter January snow. But other countries are starting to see the perils of being so open-minded. Many are considering the merits of Trump’s immigration ban as worldwide violence among migrant groups increases.
Australian Senator Malcom Roberts told a parliament session Monday, “In our fraying society, self-segregation  has become a reality. We the people are seeking to protect our children, our daughters, our property, our liberty.”

He is referring to heavy Islamic settlements which have been termed, “new ghettos.” He argued that Australians had no problems with most people groups, namely, Buddhist, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Catholics, or Protestants. But, cultures that are anti-assimilation pose a threat to the culture at large.
“How can we expect people wedded to an ideology masquerading as a religion that specifically precludes assimilation, to assimilate and integrate?” he asked. “We can’t.”

Senator Jacqui Lambie agreed and referred to Trump’s ban on restricting travelers from the seven countries. She said that he was “on the right track.”


RWC News Australians Flee As ‘Heavy Islamic Settlements’ Take Over, Official Now Classifying Areas “Ghettos”

Australian Senator Jacqui Lambi appeared on a television broadcast with Islamic youth leader Yassmin Abdel-Magied. “The fact is we have one law in this country and it is the Australian law — not sharia law, not in this country, not in my day,” she said.

“A country which allows sharia law to be practised and enforced obviously does not share our democratic values or respect basic human rights for women, gay people, teenagers, young girls and all Jewish people,” Lambi continues.  “Support for sharia law is a clear sign of Islamic radicalisation and support for Australia’s enemies, so I ask that the immigration minister consider a better screening process for Australia with regard to those who support sharia law. Why is the question not even asked?”

“Culture and integration matter to Australians,” Roberts continued. He stated that Australian culture is fraying and fragmented and that people are leaving these migrant-influenced communities to reclaim their culture.

“Social cohesion comes from national identity, and that is something that grows organically,” Roberts explained.  “It cannot be legislated. It cannot be imposed top down by condescending politicians and bureaucrats—the establishment elites. It cannot be created by naming government departments ‘Multicultural Affairs’. Social cohesion can come only from the people. But it can be wrecked by sloppy governments.”


Bambi further talked about Islam as it relates to women’s rights.

“How could someone who thinks it is okay for women to be treated like possessions of men and like second- or third-class citizens share Australian democratic beliefs?” she asked.

Australians seem to think the same thing. “This is not only white flight, it is every kind of flight. Every type of Australian is fleeing these new ghettos,” asserted Roberts.

The Senators referenced events in other countries where large influxes of displaced Muslims have created massive problems. In Germany,  a serial sex assault seemed to have been planned on New Year’s Eve. Reports state there were 359 sex assaults that day, with the criminals all being described as “North Africans between the ages of 17-28.”


Some police reports included gangs congregating in railway stations, some 40-50 men strong. They surrounded young women, and groped and assaulted them, stealing jewelry and other belongings. In neighboring Austria, a record breaking half a million African migrants have entered the country in the last year. By 2020, that figure is projected to be at 15 million. Over the last year, sex assaults have risen 133%. An Interior Ministry report specified, “from January 1 to September 30, 2016, 91 asylum seekers were investigated as suspects,” in rape cases. This accounts for almost one-fifth of all the country’s rape cases.

In Sweden, there were several instances of Iranian migrants raping women and broadcasting it on Facebook Live. These mean also had several prior convictions. The Swedish government has been criticized for overlooking the origin of the attackers, but  economist Tino Sanandaji noted on Facebook that “offenders of foreign origin account for the majority of gang rapes.”

In Northern Italy, a 25-year old Nigerian migrant was staying at an asylum center, and raped a 62 year-old woman, a staffer at the center. Matteo Salvini, who leads Italy’s populist Northern League, is calling for his country to follow Trump’s lead. He is urging his country begin the “expulsion of all illegal immigrants, euro exit, more strict safety controls and a 15 per cent flat tax to tackle fiscal avoidance as has proposed and as Russia and Bulgaria already have.”

RWC News Australians Flee As ‘Heavy Islamic Settlements’ Take Over, Official Now Classifying Areas “Ghettos”

Italian politician Matteo Salvani supports Trump’s immigration ban. He tweeted, “What @POTUS is doing on the other side of the ocean, I’d like it done in Italy. An invasion is underway.”

Salvani also says that Italy is a route for Islamic states to get to Europe. He says that authorities know that ISIS uses it, and will strike Italy soon. “I say it openly: we will have to pay a price as well,” he predicted. “Investigations … have shown that most people arrested in our country with links to ISIS were very close to actually carrying out attacks and killing others.”

So, with all of this going on in other parts of the world, it’s no wonder the Australians are thinking better of their immigration policies as well.
“If immigrants are to assimilate we should be choosing those from cultures with a track record of ready assimilation,” Senator Roberts said. He predicts that without it, Australia as an identity, would cease to exist. “Instead of no nation, we must have one nation.”

Legislation is still being debated, and Senator Lambi was recently broadcast in a television debate with a leader that ended up in a screaming match on women’s rights.

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