Betsy DeVos Prevented From Doing Job by Liberal Protesters

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RWC News Betsy DeVos Prevented From Doing Job by Liberal Protesters

Betsy DeVos was the victim of liberal protesters this week who refused to allow the Secretary of Education to enter a public school to do her job.

Now, as DeVos begins to assimilate into her new position, liberals throughout the nation are preparing to block her at every junction, including instances in which the newly minted Secretary of Education is attempting to visit public schools in order to do research and enhance our nation’s school system.

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was physically blocked by protesters from entering Jefferson Academy in SW, D.C. Friday morning. This was her first visit to a public school.

“The protesters created a barrier to the entrance of the school, and began shouting.

“DeVos turned away and walked toward her vehicle while protesters continued to yell, one screaming, ‘She doesn’t represent anything that they stand for.’ Followed by chants, of ‘shame, shame, shame.’”

This is just the latest absurd piece of outrage being carried out by the American insurgents who wish to create turmoil within our government and eventually attempt to pin the chaos on President Trump and the republicans.

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