BREAKING: North Korea Official Says Trump “Declared War” As U.S. Warplanes Targeted

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RWC News BREAKING: North Korea Official Says Trump “Declared War” As U.S. Warplanes Targeted

Mr. Ri (pictured) is doing the tough-talking as North Korea sets themselves up for a crushing defeat.

United States President has been warning North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to stop the provocations and nuclear testing for what seems like eons. Missile after missile has gone in the skies and fallen in either international or Japanese waters and nothing has been done to the despotic leader who the White House has dubbed, “rocket man.”

Things may have changed, if one believes the propaganda streaming from the DPRK as their Foreign Minister Ri Yong-Ho claims that America has “declared war” on them, according to the Washington Times. Even more worrisome is the fact that Pyongyang has stated that they can shoot U.S. warplanes down. This isn’t a concern due to N.K. actually being able to do so (have they even seen a stealth bomber in action?) but it could pose a scenario where the U.S. has to react even if they try, no matter if China likes it or not.

Ironically enough, war was never “undeclared” in Korea. Technically, the cease-fire that was accepted did not end the war.


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Yong-Ho also said that Trump’s words stating that the Hermit Kingdom’s leaders “wouldn’t be around much longer” was an act of war.

It must be asked, if the Foreign Minister feels that strongly about such words, just what do ACTIONS mean to him. If Trump just saying something is an act of war, what is firing rockets into Japan’s airspace?

At last, he declared a war on our country,” claimed Mr. Ri. “Even the fact that this comes from someone who is currently holding the seat of the United States presidency, this is clearly a declaration of war.”


This shows how little North Korea knows about the U.S. in real terms. Again, there has never been a time when we were not been at war with North Korea, there has just been a cease-fire. Secondly, to declare war takes an act of Congress. That never happened, even if we were not in a state of “inactive war” with the failing regime.

RWC News BREAKING: North Korea Official Says Trump “Declared War” As U.S. Warplanes Targeted

Kim Jong-un is so thin skinned on the world stage that 2nd-grade names like “Rocket Man” make him totally unhinged.

We will have every right to take countermeasures, including to the right shoot down the United States’ … bombers” conducting flights near North Korean territory,” the minister also declared.

It is worthy for us to wonder if North Korea really buys into the garbage that they say. Considering that the whole nation has been brought up to think that their leader is a god and not the fat toad and molester of girls that he really is, it is possible that they do.


That could be the biggest hurdle of all.

Source: The Washington Times

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