BREAKING: Suicidal Gunman Story Falls Apart With New Evidence

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RWC News BREAKING: Suicidal Gunman Story Falls Apart With New Evidence

Was the Las Vegas shooter planning to escape and cause more death?

As more details emerge in the terrible shooting in Las Vegas, the original statements have been changed and revised several times.

We are getting breaking news that the gunman did not intend to end his life in the hotel room, but may in fact have been planning to escape before police arrived, and continue his killing spree.

According to the Las Vegas Sheriff’s Department, Paddock probably wanted to stage a getaway. He thought he could outwit security forces and run out the back stairwell in the nick of time.


He still possessed a large amount of unspent ammunition when he stopped shooting, and there were bomb-making materials found in his car. Was he planning something even more sinister than the shooting attack?

What made Paddock stop shooting and take his own life? There was a single, unarmed security guard at his door, who ran away after being shot in the leg. Was that enough to derail the gunman’s whole plan?

The longer we wait for details, the more questions and theories swirl around this tragic case. The highest-ranking authorities in the investigation have been remarkably tight-lipped about what they’ve discovered so far.

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I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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