BREAKING: Trump Has Just Announced, Supreme Court Justice To Be Neil Gorsuch

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RWC News BREAKING: Trump Has Just Announced, Supreme Court Justice To Be Neil Gorsuch

The Announcement Has Been Made!

Being the outspoken against the establishment grain type of guy he his, President Trump went with what many considered the “dark horse” of the three “finalists.”

President Trump appeared with his choice federal judge, John Gorsuch and the late Justice Antonio Scalia, Maureen, just shortly ago,

A George W. Bush appointee to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver is, as Trump promised, a staunch conservative with pro-life leanings.


“Judge Gorsuch has outstanding legal skills, a brilliant mind, tremendous discipline and has earned bipartisan support,” Trump said, noting he was confirmed unanimously to his current judicial post.

He added, “I only hope that both Democrats and Republicans can come together for once, for the good of the country.”

“You’ve entrusted me with a most solemn assignment,” Gorsuch said, vowing if confirmed to be a “faithful servant” of the Constitution and the law.

He also made is respect for  Scalia known calling the late justice as a “lion of the law,” saying all his colleagues cherished the late justice’s “wisdom” and “humor.” He added, “Like them, I miss him.” according to Fox.


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Some are suggesting Gorsuch at a young 49 years of age for a High Court justice, is the very essence of the late Justice Antonio Scalia in an almost eerily ghostly resemblance in how Gorsuch rules.

Similar to Justice Scalia, Gorsuch has a reputation for his “memorable and clear” legal opinions, according an NPR report.

Gorsuch also describes himself  to be an originalist. Attorneys who have gone before his bench at the U.S. Court of Appeals say is well like, respected and a approachable.


SCOTUS blog, the leading Supreme Court blog, described some of Gorsuch’s parallels to Scalia as “eerie.”

“He is an ardent textualist (like Scalia); he believes criminal laws should be clear and interpreted in favor of defendants even if that hurts government prosecutions (like Scalia); he is skeptical of efforts to purge religious expression from public spaces (like Scalia); he is highly dubious of legislative history (like Scalia); and he is less than enamored of the dormant commerce clause (like Scalia),” the blog wrote.

Among other rulings he came to the national forefront when he sided in favor of “religious freedom” in the well known case of the Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby who challenged Obamacare.

In that case Gorsuch sided with the plaintiffs that it is a violation of the First Amendment to require those opposing birth control for religious to be forced to pay for it for their employees in the form of mandated insurance coverage.

The US Supreme Court and Justice Scalia upheld Gorsuch’s opinion by rejecting challenges to the Hobby Lobby challenges to Gorsuch rulings, creating a firestorm liberal abortion supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood.


Gorsuch has irrefutable  legal credentials that will be difficult for Progressive Senate democrats to challenge during the confirmation process. Especially since he flew through his previous senate hearings in 2006 for the 10th Circuit appointment and had the full backing of the American Bar Association rating him as ” “unanimously well qualified” at the time.

President Trump’s nominee clerked for two Supreme Court justices, Byron White and Anthony Kennedy. He also served as a clerk on the second most important appeals court in the country, in Washington D.C., for conservative Judge David Sentelle, according to NPR.

While not on the bench, Gorsuch managed to publish a book in 2006 called The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, which criticized the practice while standing up for the “intrinsic value” of human life. He also contributed to The Law of Judicial Precedent last year.

With Progressive Dem minority leader Chuck Schumer already vowing to fight any nominee of President Trump, GOP leaders seem to rallying around the pick.

What I would expect from our Democratic friends is the nominee be handled similarly to President Clinton’s two nominees in his first term and President Obama’s two nominees in his first term,” Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell said earlier in the day.

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