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RWC News BREAKING: MOSUL HAS BEGUN TO FALL, ISIS NOW USING CHILDREN TO…  ISIS is crumbling. A massive offensive to retake Mosul, Iraq has been underway since October. Dubbed operation “We Are Coming, Ninevah,” the Battle of Mosul is destroying the last stronghold of ISIS. The stakes are enormous.

Obama’s weak foreign policy allowed ISIS to thrive. The terror group sprung out of the depths of chaos and latched onto power in the Middle East. Syrian and Iraqi culture have been obliterated. The countries are so pitted with destruction that they’ll likely remain wastelands for years after the war ends.

Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq. It’s dramatic capitulation to ISIS forces in 2014 wrecked the lives of millions. The city’s population has been decimated. Only a million survivors remain in the once bustling city.

“Mosul is completely surrounded on all sides, and Daesh (ISIS) have no ability to resupply or reinforce their fighters,” Air Force Col. John Dorrian, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq, told reports this week.

Fierce attacks led by US and Iraqi force have battered the city for the last two months.

RWC News BREAKING: MOSUL HAS BEGUN TO FALL, ISIS NOW USING CHILDREN TO…  “You know, they’ve had more than two years to prepare for this battle, so they have significant resources packed away within the city at various points, but those resources are finite and being depleted,” Dorian said.

Desperation is forcing the group to commit new atrocities. There are no soldiers to replace those being slain on the battlefield. The number of battle-ready young men is dwindling. Horrifically, ISIS is now turning to child soldiers.

Extremely young adolescents are being used like toys. Little boys are handed machine guns and told to fire. It’s sickening. The innocence of youth is being perverted by murderous old men.

The fight to eradicate terrorism is more important than ever. It’s critical that such noxious, terrible thinking is demolished. The world has become a far uglier place with the rise of ISIS. Our lives are less secure while Islamic maniacs retain even the semblance of power.

Millions of people have fled the madness engulfing the Middle East. They’re pouring into Western countries at a rate of hundreds a day. The young boy being handed a rifle at 10 may end up sitting in class with your child when he’s 15. Obama’s administration has accepted a record number of refugees.

RWC News BREAKING: MOSUL HAS BEGUN TO FALL, ISIS NOW USING CHILDREN TO…  “And part of this campaign, one of the reasons why the Iraqi security forces are using overwhelming force and have completely encircled the city, is that they understand that as this effort goes on with each passing day, Daesh has fewer fighters and fewer resources at their disposal,” said Dorrian.

ISIS’s death throes are horrible to witness. Their unconscionable cruelty deepens as doom comes closer and closer. President-elect will have the opportunity to finally the destroy the group.

Obama is now acting reasonably in Iraq. US forces in Syria are wasting time arming rebels to fight against President Bashir al-assad, a useless effort that distracts attention from ISIS. Al-Assad is supported by Russia; it’s impossible to topple him with inciting the Kremlin’s anger.

Yet US forces in Iraq are key to winning the battle in Mosul. ISIS is being destroyed by an overwhelming force. There’s almost no way for the terrorists to win. Mosul will fall and ISIS will lose.

“We’ve already seen that some of their fighters — unfortunately, we’re seeing younger fighters, perhaps adolescent age, rather than adults…So, what that tells us is, they’re beginning to run out of those resources. It doesn’t mean that it’s not still an extraordinarily dangerous situation. They are not going to go quietly, but they are going to go,” said Dorian.

The aftermath will be brutal. Children in Mosul are being corrupted by ISIS’s insanely conservative interpretation of Islam. It will be impossible to tell whether the young Iraqi from Mosul is a really scared little boy or a trained jihadist.

The fight may rage on for months. ISIS is fully entrenched in the city, and their use of local children serves to prolong the struggle.

“I can assure you that their fighters are being expended at a much faster rate than — than are the Iraqis. It’s still very, very dangerous fighting, it’s very, very difficult, but, you know, eventually we’re going reach critical mass where the enemy is going to begin to break and then things will start to accelerate,” Dorrian continued.

RWC News BREAKING: MOSUL HAS BEGUN TO FALL, ISIS NOW USING CHILDREN TO…  How many Americans will die in this fight? Impossible to say, the reverberations will be felt for years to come. Iraq is now a wasteland. The Iraqi who have not been corrupted by ISIS’s ideology are still witnessing the destruction of their homes and families. They’re still being deprived a real, liberal education. How will they integrate into Western society?

The brutality of ISIS has been felt by millions. Erasing the horrors inflicted by the group will likely be impossible- some scars can’t be removed.

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