Brothers’ Quick Action Stops Afghan Migrants from Terrible Assault As “Large Sticks” Used

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RWC News Brothers’ Quick Action Stops Afghan Migrants from Terrible Assault As “Large Sticks” Used

Legends never die as two Greek brothers sqaure off against mob of migrants to protect their sister from getting gang raped. They are making their ancestors proud by defending their family against those who would do them harm by standing as few against many.

It appears that the Greek heroes one reads about as a child are not all fabrication as the spirit of these ancient figures seems to still be alive in the southern European nation.  The hundreds of thousands of migrants that have been making themselves comfortable in Europe on the European tax payer have shown the world that they mean to spread their culture to the people of Europe whether they would have it or not.

Now a young girl in Greece was being physically stalked, accosted, and groomed to be raped by a large group of men but thankfully her brothers arrived to fight off her would be rapists.

The 30 year old woman was simply walking around her community near Argos, Greece when her presence began to grab the attention of the Afghani and Pakistani migrant men who were taking notice of the young infidel woman.  They probably noticed her lack of hijab or male guardian, and like in their cultures, they were eager to show her the error of her ways by showing what happens to harlots.  So they proceeded to try and rape the woman however, her two brothers were not far away and thankfully they heard their sister scream.


RWC News Brothers’ Quick Action Stops Afghan Migrants from Terrible Assault As “Large Sticks” Used

What is known in the world as “Taharrush” is a concept where groups of men collectively harass women in public by groping them or violating them in other ways as a means to overwhelm the female and have their way with her.

As the migrants were beginning to use their group strength against the Greek woman, her brother arrived ready to defend her.  It was just one man against many as he was trying to protect his family from literal foreign rapists when his other brother arrived at the scene as well.

Two brothers, outnumbered by men who would see their sister raped and ruined, were willing to die to protect what they love, just as the 300 Spartans did at the Battle of Thermopylae some 2500 years ago.

The men battled with the assailants bravely but the migrants had strength of numbers as well as weapons as they looked to beat the two Greek brothers with wooden clubs.  The men sustained heavy and critical injuries but their efforts were not in vain as their sister was saved and the men retreated.  As they were taken to medical attention, the authorities were alerted and several arrests came later.


RWC News Brothers’ Quick Action Stops Afghan Migrants from Terrible Assault As “Large Sticks” Used

This Polish magazine cover depicts the current state of affairs for women in Europe as they are systematically abused by groups of migrants.

This story is both gut wrenching and uplifting as this family was almost ripped apart by an event that would surely cripple the would-be victim for the rest of their life.  It shows not only the arrogance that many Central Asian, North African, and Middle Eastern Muslims have for infidels and their laws as they simply thought that they could do as they please when the young girl came across their paths.

In fact, not only did they think that they could do as they please because they felt like it, they likely felt compelled to at least try to attack the woman because infidels need to be punished.

Islam enables its followers to act violently against those who oppose them because that will not only solve their immediate problem but also strike fear in to the hearts of others who would oppose them.  This is why the jihad taking place is so critical to understand because followers of this religion simply do not have the same moral compass that guides many in the West to strive to do the right thing. Or, at least what many of us perceive to the right thing and that is not to rape women and children at the orders of a prophet.


RWC News Brothers’ Quick Action Stops Afghan Migrants from Terrible Assault As “Large Sticks” Used

With more coming from nations around the globe, the crisis taking place betwen the clash of civilizations is resulting in a ticking time bomb as more and more are looking to call Europe their new home, whether the Europeans care or not.

This kind of attack is taking place across the West as grooming gangs and other devout Muslims are looking to carry out another version of jihad as they target infidel women in the West with sexual attacks.  The conditioning is slowly, but surely, taking place as now even European feminists are calling for themselves to be covered up because Islam and corrupt leaders of the West have tricked them into believing that covering up or getting raped is somehow empowering to women.

Soon European women will be calling for themselves to be stripped of their right to vote or it will simply be taken away from them as political Islam manipulates the democracies in place.

Not all is lost as hope will always remain and the lesson to be learned from the two Greek heroes in this story is that no matter the odds and no matter the consequences, a righteous cause will yield its rewards.  In this case their sister was saved but their actions could inspire others to take action when their help is needed, a mentality that seems to be forgotten in Modern Europe.

RWC News Brothers’ Quick Action Stops Afghan Migrants from Terrible Assault As “Large Sticks” Used

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