Brutal Payback Finds Odell Beckham After He “Peed” in End Zone on National TV

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Recall just a few short weeks ago, when President ignited the simmering national anthem protests occurring across the NFL by openly expressing the widespread desire by fans to see the players stand respectfully for the flag or be removed from the field of play by their owners.

Many players and teams responded by deliberately taking a knee in spite of Trump, but one player actually went above and beyond to register his distaste with the president — New York Giants star wide receiver and quintessential prima donna hotshot Odell Beckham Jr.

During the Sept. 24 matchup between the Giants and division rival Philadelphia Eagles, Beckham drew attention by dropping to all fours and hiking his leg as if he were a dog peeing as a way to celebrate a touchdown. Later in the game, after scoring another touchdown, he raised a defiant “black power” fist in the end zone, according to a tweet from Sports Illustrated.

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RWC News Brutal Payback Finds Odell Beckham After He “Peed” in End Zone on National TV

According to USA Today’s For The Win, Beckham initially stated that his peeing dog routine was relatively meaningless, but after a CNN editor noted on Twitter that it could have been in reference to Trump’s “S.O.B.’s” remark, Beckham seemingly confirmed the astute insight was correct.

Flash forward to this weekend’s slate of games, and the situation for Beckham has taken quite a stark turn. Some would say “karma,” if you will, has paid back Beckham in spades for his disrespectful actions and attitude.

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According to the New York Post, in the fourth quarter of his team’s loss at home to the visiting Los Angeles Chargers, Beckham suffered what will quite likely be a season-ending injury and was carted off the field in tears.

With only about four minutes left in the game, Beckham jumped for a pass and came down awkwardly in a tangle with defensive back Casey Howard, breaking his ankle. You can watch the nausea-inducing injury as it happened right here.

This after the Giants had already lost four other receivers to injuries on that day, capping the disaster of a season the team has experienced thus far, having yet to win a game after five weeks of play.

To be sure, we don’t celebrate Beckham’s horrible injury one bit, and hope and pray that he will undergo a successful surgery and enjoy a rapid recovery to once again display his tremendous God-given talents on the gridiron.

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That said, some will argue that his injury is a sort of brutal payback for his acts of disrespect, and those people are entitled to their opinions.

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