Busted: Surveillance Video Reveals “Brazen” Way Man Paid Assault Fines

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RWC News Busted: Surveillance Video Reveals “Brazen” Way Man Paid Assault Fines

Allegheny Township Police Chief John Fontaine said Rago’s crime was “pretty brazen.”

Police say a man who was at a Pennsylvania judge’s office to pay court fines stole a wallet that was near the payment window and used the cash inside to pay his fees.

Allegheny Township Patrolman Kerry Myers tells the Tribune-Review surveillance cameras caught the actions of Steven Rago.

Rago was out on bail on simple assault charges and was at a district court judge’s offices on Thursday to pay fees.

Myers says video shows the 31-year-old Rago putting a wallet into his sweatshirt pocket. He’s seen later paying the fine with cash.

Police say he admitted to having the wallet and returned it. He paid back the money, but his bail was rescinded due to the new theft charge.

Rago was transported to county prison ahead of a preliminary hearing on the simple assault charges.

No attorney is listed.

H/T: Associated Press

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