Buzzfeed In Trouble, Trump Lawyer Launching Legal Attack Over Russian Dossier

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RWC News Buzzfeed In Trouble, Trump Lawyer Launching Legal Attack Over Russian Dossier

BuzzFeed: A hotbed of fake news, statist propaganda, and entitled and perpetually offended snowflakes

Not every MI-6 Agent can be James Bond. And one Trump ally is learning that the hard way, but is in the process of seeking retribution. Michael D. Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, is seeking legal action against BuzzFeed, which uploaded and spread an intelligence dossier that accused Mr. Cohen of coordinating with Russian agents with the intent to sabotage then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

Mr. Cohen told The Washington Times that he is ”also is considering a lawsuit against former British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the gossipy 35-page dossier that the liberal news website posted on Jan. 10. Mr. Steele was paid by a Hillary Clinton supporter, via the Democratic Party-linked firm Fusion GPS, to gather dirt on candidate Trump last summer and fall. GPS circulated the Steele memos to reporters and Democrats.”

RWC News Buzzfeed In Trouble, Trump Lawyer Launching Legal Attack Over Russian Dossier

Personal Attorney to President Trump, and man named in the fake dossier, Michael Chohen


But it appears that this dug up “dirt” was not just “dirty,” but completely wrong. “I believe the entire dossier to be inaccurate, and worse, completely fabricated. I applaud Aleksej Gubarev in bringing legal action against both Christopher Steele and BuzzFeed for creating and disseminating this fake dossier/information without a scintilla of fact checking. I am currently in discussions with foreign and domestic counsel to file similar actions.”

Aleksej Gubarev is the CEO of a network solutions company, XBT Holding, and was named in the dossier, saying he “ran a hacking operation to flood Democratic computer networks with porn and bugging devices.” Gubarev disputes the accusations whole-heartedly, detailing in his libel lawsuit that the accusations represent “one of the most reckless and irresponsible moments in modern ‘journalism.’” His libel lawsuit was filed in a Florida State Court.

And now, it appears, as if the United States Government itself is getting involved in the investigation as to the true sources, money and otherwise, behind this “fake news” dossier. Iowa Senator and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley is looking for a more “methodical” approach to the investigation. And he wants to know where the money leads.

RWC News Buzzfeed In Trouble, Trump Lawyer Launching Legal Attack Over Russian Dossier

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley.


The Washington Times reports – “Mr. Grassley, who has played many a role in high-stakes probes on Capitol Hill, ramped up his involvement. He believed one thread of the story needed a much more muscular tug to see what would unravel — the “dodgy dossier.”

“With Congress now re-engaging its multiple investigations, the 35 pages of unsubstantiated, salacious opposition research by a former British intelligence officer that almost disrupted Mr. Trump’s campaign is getting a fresh look — and a new opportunity to create mischief.”

“Mr. Grassley wants a more methodical inquiry into how the dossier came to exist. With lawmakers returning to Washington from a two-week Easter break, “we want to slow this whole thing down,” one of Mr. Grassley’s staffers said.”

So what is in this dossier, exactly? From Mr. Cohen’s and Aleksej Gubarev perspective, the dossier details secret meetings between Cohen and Russian agents meeting in the Czech Republic to discuss details about how to proceed with sabotaging democrat computers connected to the Hillary Campaign. One of those methods, the dossier alleges, was that Gubarev was to run “a hacking operation to flood Democratic computer networks with porn and bugging devices.”


From a broader perspective, the Washington Times reports that it’s “essentially a data dump of negative campaign research of Mr. Trump, the dossier contended that the Russian government might use the confidential details to blackmail Mr. Trump and that there were links between Russian government officials and the Trump campaign team.”

“It had been raising eyebrows in Washington since last summer. A handful of the city’s top-shelf politicians, intelligence chiefs, and journalists claimed it had been privately circulating, but they shied away from airing the accusations because of their unverified nature. CNN also passed on publishing the contents of the dossier.” Trump called the report “a failing pile of garbage.”

The Washington Times continues – “Battles over the dossier’s veracity have simmered ever since, sparking a furious search for Mr. Steele’s Kremlin sources. Former MI6 colleagues vigorously defended his reputation as a credible authority on the Kremlin. Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, said he passed the dossier to the FBI after it was passed to him.”

“Other Republicans were outraged and lined up to trash the document, including Trump campaign foreign policy adviser named in the dossier, Carter Page. Last week, Mr. Page told The Washington Times that the document is “completely false” and “full of lies,” especially regarding his supposed contacts with Russian officials to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

“The mistakes are so laughable and humorous they’re beyond words,” Mr. Page said.”

What I am less surprised by is the fact that it was BuzzFeed who published this. Unlike Wikileaks which consistently publishes original and verifiable documentation, BuzzFeed is less a news source, and more of a propaganda machine for leftist, social justice warrior, and feminist ideology and cult-think. According to the Washington Times, even BuzzFeed’s editor Ben Smith didn’t think the dossier was real, doubting it was true when it was posted.

Yet BuzzFeed posted it anyway.

And now, there has already been one lawsuit filed in Florida, with Trump’s Attorney, Michael Cohen, working on his legal case against BuzzFeed and the former MI-6 turned private special agent. Aside from that, it is unknown if the American Government will also seek some sort of punishment for those involved.

Despite the known issueswith the dossier, “Mr. Cohen’s name remains unredacted [from the BuzzFeed article] . The charges against him continue to swirl in social media even though he has shown that the Prague meeting could not have taken place.”

On top of that, Gubarev’s lawyer says “BuzzFeed and Smith published these allegations without having even taken the most basic step of contacting the Plaintiffs to ask if the allegations had any merit,” it says. “As a result of BuzzFeed and Mr. Smith’s reckless publication of defamatory materials, he has found his personal and professional reputation in tatters.”

Leave it to leftists to be willing to publish unfounded and debunked intelligence reports without fact checking the claims. Even better if the people involved are professionally and personally ruined as a result. These people have no class.

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