California Democrat Caught On Video Screaming At Gays, All Because Of One Reason

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RWC News California Democrat Caught On Video Screaming At Gays, All Because Of One Reason

Jeff LeTourneau screaming at gay conservatives trying to gather signatures (pictured above).

Despite the fact that it is both extremely offensive and completely arrogant, many on the left believe that if someone is gay, they can only be a Democrat. Because of this, when they come across gay conservatives, they treat them with utter contempt, which suggests that they only believe in being nice to gay people who agree with them politically.

For example, just recently, a Democrat in Orange County, California verbally attacked a group of gay conservatives. He was apparently mad at them for trying to gather petitions to recall a Democratic senator who voted for the state’s tax hike. Thankfully, the leftist’s entire rant was captured on video by Jonathan Hale, a gay conservative activist, and publisher of San Diego Gay and Lesbian, giving countless others the opportunity to see just how intolerant some liberals can be.

The video begins with Hale’s husband, Carl DeMaio, who was standing outside a Walmart asking people to sign a petition to recall State Senator Josh Newman (D-CA) for voting in favor of a statewide car and tax increase, muttering, “oh this guy is going to be nasty.”


RWC News California Democrat Caught On Video Screaming At Gays, All Because Of One Reason

Jonathan Hale and Carl DeMaio, two gay conservatives who are married to each other.

Moment’s later, Jeff LeTourneau, the co-chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, stormed up the table where DeMaio, Hale, and several other activists were stationed.  By the time he got to the table, LeTourneau was noticeably enraged. “Which one of you a******* is the gay?” he shouted.

Before anyone could answer, he pointed to two different volunteers and said, “you and you, right?” He then accused the two he pointed to of being a part of an evil political party. “You f****** belong to a party that writes our destruction into its platform!” he yelled. “How dare you be in this county! Get your s*** and get out of here! You’re a f****** disgrace to any gay person I know! Piece of s***! Get out of here!” he continued.

RWC News California Democrat Caught On Video Screaming At Gays, All Because Of One Reason

Jeff LeTourneau, the co-chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County.


Concerned, DeMaio attempted to de-escalate the situation. “You should step back,” he suggested to LeTourneau. Unfortunately, his request only made the unhinged liberal more furious. “No I’m not stepping back,” he replied, adding, “how dare you come into my community and do this. For what…$3.25 a signature?”

In response, DeMaio calmly said, “Stop being a bully. Don’t be a bully.” LeTourneau pushed back, arguing that he could do what he wants to do, but DeMaio refused to back down.

“You can intimidate all you want sir. This is the Democratic process,” he explained. In a noticeably harsher tone, he added, “step back and stop being so volatile.”

Still, LeTourneau refused to calm down. “No! No!” he exclaimed. ”You are whoring yourself out for $3.25 a signature or $20 an hour. Which one is it?” demanded the Democrat. Instead of answering, DeMaio asked him to not be hateful.


Indignant, LeTourneau continued to harass the gay conservatives. “Why are you here if you’re from San Diego?” he pressed.

“We’re all paying the car and gas tax. We’re all sick and tired of you all throwing working families under the bus,” replied DeMaio.

Nonsense,” the furious liberal retorted. “You are whoring yourself out for an hourly wage [to] collect signatures,” he continued.

Unphased, Demaio started repeating the phrase: “help us stand up to bullies. Sign the petition.”

Unsurprisingly, this only made the angry liberal even more apoplectic. Seething with rage, he demanded that they leave the premises immediately. “Get your s*** out of here! Get this stuff out of here! You’re not welcome here! You’re not going to get any signatures around here!” screamed LeTourneau. Unable to control his anger, he then pointed to Hale, who was filming him and hurled some profanity his way. Specifically, he said, “and you, you’re a f****** disgrace.” He then proceeded to take out his phone, point it at Hale, and state, “I’m gonna make sure everybody in the LGBT community knows [about you] .”


Amused, he replied, “they already know. I publish the San Diego Gay And Lesbian. They know who I am. I’m not going anywhere. You guys aren’t going to run me out of my own community.”

In response, LeTourneau, who is openly gay, stated, “you don’t belong to our [local] community. You also do not belong to the LGBTQ community either.” Their argument continued on like this for several more minutes. It ultimately came to end after a woman approached the table and agreed to sign their petition, scolding the irate liberal in the process. Shortly after, several other people followed suit. Defeated, LeTourneau backed off. A video of exchange can be viewed below (Warning, graphic content):

[embedded content]

Conservatives must not let the authoritarian left bully others. When liberals freak out, all we need to do is remain calm. Doing so will show others that we are the more reasonable ones.

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