California Governor Brown Cashes Out With 5th Raise As New Soda Tax Goes Into Effect

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RWC News California Governor Brown Cashes Out With 5th Raise As New Soda Tax Goes Into Effect

In the wake of new gas and soda taxes, California lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown will receive a three percent raise in salary in December.

California lawmakers and state officials are getting their fifth raise in as many years. Starting in December, Governor Jerry Brown and other politicians will receive a three percent pay hike.

Citing the news that California’s budget has been improving, the California Citizens Compensation Commission approved the increase on Monday. The political group is appointed by the governor, and members hold their positions for six years. The Commission was established by voters in 1990 and is prevented from increasing salaries during budget deficit years. The seven-member group decides on annual pay and benefits for California lawmakers and officials.

Last year, politicians in the golden state got a four percent raise. In a time when many families are struggling to deal with the economic aftereffects of new liberal tax policies, the move seems somewhat callous. Fortunately for many, President Trumps’ administration is doing something about the legacy of financial ruin left by Obama. Although it is ignored by the media, during his tenure Obama plunged the country into staggering debt and used the office to enact his own socialist agenda.


The Chairman of the Commission, Tom Dalzell, said that they wished there was more money to give politicians. Because voters passed Proposition 1F in 2009, the commission was prevented from providing raises to the governor and state officials during deficit years.

However, the timing is exasperating to many constituents. Coming on the heels of extensive new tax hikes, Lew Uhler, head of the California-based National Tax Limitation Committee, is questioning the move. The $5.2 billion annual gas and vehicle tax makes the measure seem, at least, in bad taste and poorly timed. Likewise, the bait and switch soda tax passed earlier this year will help taxpayers pay for their high dollar representatives.

Governor Brown called opponents of the gas tax “freeloaders.” He also spent $100,000 on paid thugs to harass citizens who were collecting signatures to stop the measure.

Before last year’s pay increase, California lawmakers received three percent in 2015, two percent in 2014, and a five percent raises in 2013. Commissioners said Monday that the increase was only fair to politicians.


RWC News California Governor Brown Cashes Out With 5th Raise As New Soda Tax Goes Into Effect

Jerry Brown hired goons to harass citizens trying to overturn the recent gas tax. He’ll get at least $5,000 more each year with the new raise.

The Commission hopes that this year’s pay hike will help make up for the reduction in 2009. Democrat control of the federal government in the years prior to the presidential election of 2008 generated horrific depressions. Liberal policies established for Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac agencies precipitated a snowball effect that plunged the country into severe recession.

The housing market collapsed and Republican President George Bush was blamed for the liberal catastrophe. Securities fraud charges, accounting and bonus violations, and a massive government bailout that cost taxpayers nearly $190 billion surrounded the liberal run agencies. Voters responded to the Democrat fallout by overwhelmingly electing Republicans to Congress in 2010. House and Senate efforts in the following years did much to repair the damage and hold Obama’s policies in check.

However, the California Commission has been benefited by changes in the tax laws. The new funds have helped bring salaries back up. Governor Jerry Brown will go to an annual pay of $195,805 while regular lawmakers will earn $107,240 starting in December.


RWC News California Governor Brown Cashes Out With 5th Raise As New Soda Tax Goes Into Effect

The soda tax, like many before it, is essentially regressive, placing the biggest burden on low-income families and minorities.

Some people in the state support the pay increases. The politically-appointed Commission has said that the governor’s salary is too low for the work he has to do.

However, the base pay rates don’t include tax-free per diem amounts. Legislators get daily funds during sessions. The amount paid to each lawmaker, every year, is approximately $34,000. Technically, that money is worth more because it isn’t taxed.

California, by far, provides the highest compensation for state officials. The 2014 National Conference of State Legislators recorded the amounts paid by each state. California ranked at the top, tripling the rate of around half of the other states, and in some cases paying more than 10 times the amount. Pennsylvania comes in second, even before the new raises, at $86,479 as lawmaker’s base salary.

Regardless of the facts, the current amount paid in California is apparently not enough for lawmakers.

RWC News California Governor Brown Cashes Out With 5th Raise As New Soda Tax Goes Into Effect


California’s lawmakers make the most money of any state in the union. The amounts are triple most and in some cases at least 10 times higher than their country’s counterparts.

Anthony Barkett, one of the more level-headed members of the Commission, told the panel that he supported a “moderate increase” but adding, “Our legislators need to address these bigger problems.”

The new provisions mean that Brown will get his pay increase and hopefully stop harassing and demeaning his constituents. The issue of money does indeed seem closest to his heart.

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