Chelsea Handler Attacks First Lady with Racial Comment About Her English

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In an interview with Variety magazine about the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., comedian Chelsea Handler demonstrated just how much she cared about women’s issues by attacking first lady Melania Trump.

When asked if she would ever invite President on her show, Handler said no. When asked if she would ever interview Melania Trump, the comedian said, “To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

Nice job sticking up for women.

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She then went on to say that she didn’t “respect either one of those people.”

Handler’s remark about the first lady barely speaking English was particularly offensive to many people for whom English is not their first language. Not to mention the fact that Melania Trump speaks fine English.

The remark is downright silly, considering the fact that the first lady isn’t even from America and is fluent in five languages — English, French, Serbian, German and Slovenian.

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So while Handler attempted to make Melania Trump look stupid, she only ended up making herself look stupid — and intolerant, hateful and hypocritical.

A clip from the interview is below (WARNING: Language may be offensive to some):

Chelsea Handler Attacks First Lady with Racial Comment About Her English

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RWC News Chelsea Handler Attacks First Lady with Racial Comment About Her English

Apparently women who don’t line up with Handler’s politics don’t deserve the same respect and rights other women do.

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Handler demonstrated what is wrong with leftists and with the majority of celebrities who think they know it all: They live in their own bubble and believe the world revolves around them.

It doesn’t. For Handler to attack the first lady like this just days after a march for women reeks of the worst kind of hypocrisy there is — blind liberal hypocrisy.

The outcome of this election has proven one thing: Those who lost are a bunch of whining babies who have no qualms about bullying Trump’s family because they can’t cope with losing.

While Handler claimed she wasn’t a Democrat anymore, she was certainly talking and acting like one in the interview.

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