Chelsea Handler Cries About How Trump’s ’S**t’ Is Defiling The Purity Of The White House

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RWC News Chelsea Handler Cries About How Trump’s ’S**t’ Is Defiling The Purity Of The White House

Chelsea Handler, a very vulgar liberal talk show host, is complaining that Trump is “defiling” the White House by being “offensive”.

“Umm, what’s most offensive to me are the people around him that are so spineless — the Paul Ryans — the peoplethat don’t give a s**t about how offensive, and improper, and how he is defiling that [White] House,” saidChelsea Handler in an interview. How can she not see the irony in her own sentence. Liberals are the most improper group there is.

“The idea that that whole group of people around him don’t know what is happening, we are so destabilized right now. That our government is so vulnerable, and that they’re not stepping up, they are as much to blame as he is,” continued Handler.

Nancy Pelosi asked Chelsea Handler how Democrats can reach out to a younger crowd. “Well I think we need to reach out to them and not just from a Democratic standpoint, you know, it’s about finding issues that are important to you, and showing up for issues that are important to them,” she answered.

“You know, showing up at the airport for these people, just because the ban doesn’t affect you directly, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be there. Showing up for Planned Parenthood, especially, and educating people on issues around Planned Parenthood. People think it’s only surrounding abortions, people don’t know that many people go to Planned Parenthood, that they provide testicular cancer screenings and STD testing, breast cancer screenings,” said Handler. How do these people get talk shows? It’s ridiculous.

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