Chicago Liberals Humiliated As Leaked Email Shows Their True Feelings Towards Blacks

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RWC News Chicago Liberals Humiliated As Leaked Email Shows Their True Feelings Towards Blacks

Former water Commissioner Barrett Murphy was removed after racist emails surfaced between department bosses in Chicago.

Liberals relentlessly label people by skin color, ethnicity, religion, and other characteristics, causing some conservatives to rightly point out their racist behavior. In Chicago, the town is almost exclusively managed by democrat politicians. Although they generally do a fine job covering up their corruption, the totally immoral attitudes and sick humor rampant in the water department is finally catching up with them.

The city is reeling under heavy gun violence, which made it reprehensible when Paul Hanson, Chicago’s district superintendent in the Department of Water Management, used his state computer to conduct gun and vehicle sales. In May, Hanson’s conduct was investigated and the department official was fired.

However, the inquiry is leading to a number of other disgusting discoveries. Apparently, Hanson frequently sent emails that have outraged citizens all over the country. He created detailed racist messages and sent them to other officials in the department.


New developments have shown a number of derogatory emails concerning minorities issuing from his deak. The white son of a former alderman apparently decided it would be funny to spend countless hours generating fake “Chicago Safari” tours and other posts. He also sent communications to other water department bosses in “ebonics,” which is also known as American black English.

RWC News Chicago Liberals Humiliated As Leaked Email Shows Their True Feelings Towards Blacks

Chicago Mayor Emanuel has asked a number of racist officials to resign, including his friend Murphy.

The racist “safari” email shows a group of white people in a truck on the Savannah. The group is taking pictures of criminals trying to break into a vehicle. The fake tour was circulated after the violence on July 4th and cited the number of shootings during that weekend. It promised tourists would see “at least one kill and five crime scenes,” with “lots of animals in their natural habitat.”

Hanson also sent out additional, horrendous emails including “Watermelon Protection” that shows a field full of KKK scarecrows guarding a patch of the fruit. Democrats have always been affiliated with the KKK, so this type of behavior isn’t new. It is, however, utterly wrong.


RWC News Chicago Liberals Humiliated As Leaked Email Shows Their True Feelings Towards Blacks

Hanson’s email that commented on the violence over the July 4th weekend.

This sort of bigotry has infuriated many conservatives. Hanson’s total lack of intelligence, decency, and moral fiber make many people nauseous. Possibly, he could be sued for hate crimes. How many people came to the Department looking for help and received nothing? How many people within the agency secretly agreed with Hanson and thought the “jokes” were funny?

Hanson wasn’t the only person to create racist emails. Thomas Durkin, general foreman of plumbers, recently resigned for his anti-Muslim messages. He sent an email from his city account that referred to the Chicago’s population as “rag head —-suckers.” Durkin was also cited for sending sexually explicit photos and videos with his city account.

RWC News Chicago Liberals Humiliated As Leaked Email Shows Their True Feelings Towards Blacks

Hanson and Murphy have both lost their cushy government jobs because of their racism.


Inspector General Joseph Ferguson has had his hands full in the investigation. Apparently, there are many more emails undisclosed. The mayor’s Law Department has hampered the investigation with restrictions that prevent “unfettered access to city emails.” Ferguson must limit his searches to specific requests and specific dates.

Mayor Emanuel has conducted a swift investigation into the incidents. He has appointed new Commissioner Randy Conner who has said his department “has a zero tolerance policy on racism and sexism.” Conner took over after Barrett Murphey abruptly resigned in May, along with Managing Deputy Commissioner William Bresnahan. Both men were on the receiving end of Hanson’s emails.

Apparently, all three men also negatively commented about Obama in 2015. However, Murphy has close ties to Emanuel, so there’s plenty of distancing going on with the Mayor.

RWC News Chicago Liberals Humiliated As Leaked Email Shows Their True Feelings Towards Blacks

The water department scandal is just another in a long history of corruption in Chicago. Hopefully, the sensitivity training that will now be mandated for all water department officials will curtail this kind of behavior.

Many question why someone didn’t expose the man for who he is. The silence of the recipients makes them complicit. Hanson is a life-long city official with his own political connections in the town. He is a relic from the Daley administration, which was rocked by the hired truck scandal.

Honestly, there’s no telling if Chicago can get back on track. With so many strikes against it, the city has become one desperate situation after another.

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Emma Laftchu
I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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  1. If you look at the email it is very clear that these are bunch of conservatives. Here is a email that was sent April, 19 2017.

    “To all my friends who are tired of taking a BACK SEAT to gays, lesbians, homosexuals, trans genders, women soldiers, bra burners, female boy scouts, women libbers, tree huggers and eco-commie-environ-freaks, the looney left, Greens, social justice warriors and worse of all – those f—— democrats!

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