Civil Suit Filed As Gifted Black Girl Bullied For “Acting White,” Principal Refused To Act

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RWC News Civil Suit Filed As Gifted Black Girl Bullied For “Acting White,” Principal Refused To Act

Richland One Superintendent Craig Witherspoon is named as one of the people who neglected to protect India Young and others from assaults at the Hand Middle School in South Carolina. She was repeatedly attacked by other black students for being an honors student.

In a shocking example of the real results of the liberal agenda, on school child was bullied and assaulted for nearly two years, while her parents were avoided and shunned by progressive administrators. India Young and at least two other black girls were forced to eat their lunch sitting in a toilet stall to avoid the daily attacks of other black students. Her parents have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the school district, and they have ample reason.

Although over 50 percent of the student body is black at Hand Middle School in South Carolina, India was teased, kicked, beaten, and slapped because she was enrolled in honors courses at the school. Administrators did nothing to stop the violence.

The seventh grader told reporters that she couldn’t count the times she cried at school while other blacks called her “Oreo,” “white girl wannabe,” and a host of other derogatory names. However, the insults were just the beginning. On more than one occasion she was physically assaulted simply because of two factors: there was absolutely no discipline from school officials, and the fact that she excelled in her studies.


RWC News Civil Suit Filed As Gifted Black Girl Bullied For “Acting White,” Principal Refused To Act

India faced daily harassment, kicks, slaps, and on one occasion, her teeth were chipped by other black students who called her “Oreo.” The school ignored her parents constant attempts to discuss the situation.

India’s father, a 19-year Army veteran and current cyber warfare instructor at Fort Gordon explained the horrific experience his daughter underwent while attending the school. Although he called the school, showed up at board meetings, and repeatedly contacted every official he could, he was constantly ignored. He even tried to speak with Richland One Superintendent Craig Witherspoon during the year, but according to the lawsuit, Witherspoon “was overheard saying that he was avoiding [India’s parents] .”

People in the community say that the trouble started when a new, young white principal was placed at the middle school. First-year principal Brian Goins  was the primary reason, parents say, that the school turned into a danger zone for kids.

Goins avoided all conflict, even cancelling a meeting to address parents’ concerns and changing it to an online survey. Parents were denied access to the results.


RWC News Civil Suit Filed As Gifted Black Girl Bullied For “Acting White,” Principal Refused To Act

Superintendent Witherspoon was overheard saying that he was avoiding Mr. Young, a 19-year Army veteran who tried to get the attacks on his daughter stopped.

Students also told parents that fights in the halls happened daily and that no punishment was issued. One concerned mother who spoke to reporters anonymously, said that when a group for Hand’s Student Improvement Council had to find another location to conduct their regular meeting, they passed through the halls during class. What they saw was revolting.

“As we were walking into the hallway, classes were in but kids were running up and down the hall, jumping around,” the source said. “The principal tried to tell them to calm down, cut it out and get back to class, but they cursed at him.” In fact, the school has lost over 20 teachers since Goins was appointed.

For a while, India kept the persecution to herself, not telling her parents about the daily attacks. “I didn’t want them to get upset,” she said.


When she couldn’t hide the fact that one 250 pound student hit her so hard with a backpack that he chipped two of India’s teeth and bloodied her nose on March 17, her parents desperately tried to get help. Nothing was done. The boy who assaulted India returned to school and continued to threaten her.

The lawsuit outlines the many attacks India faced, some of which were captured on surveillance video, and the school district’s lack of concern. The claim states that on February 10, 2017 “approximately 12 students surrounded India while she was beaten with a bottle.”

While trying to get help for their daughter, the Young’s were finally able to attend a school meeting, but Goins just made excuses for the attackers.

RWC News Civil Suit Filed As Gifted Black Girl Bullied For “Acting White,” Principal Refused To Act

The situation for India and at least two other students was so bad that they huddled in the bathroom to eat their lunch. The principal was afraid of punishing the assailants for fear of being called racist.

“He told us how these kids come from tough backgrounds and that needs to be considered when you’re thinking about kicking a kid out of school…”


“I think him being white and young, there was a desire not to come down too hard on the African-American kids as much and so he gave them every chance possible,” one mother said. “I understand that, but you can’t have two sets of rules. You lose everyone’s respect.”

This is what happens when the leftist media deliberately provokes racial division. Goins was either a progressive idiot or he was legitimately afraid of being labeled a racist.

Goins resigned on May 24, but that doesn’t change the situation at the school. In the lawsuit, India’s parents are asking that new programs and discipline actions are instituted at the once highly-respected educational facility.

For India, she finished the year being home schooled and told reporters that she just wants “to go to school again.”

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Emma Laftchu
I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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