Civil War Gun Forces School to Go Into Lockdown Even Though Gun Couldn’t Even Fire

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A middle school in Florida was put on lockdown after a history teacher brought a replica Civil War-era rifle to show his class what weaponry was like back in the 1860s.

The incident happened last Thursday at Braden River Middle School in Manatee County, when the teacher was spotted with the replica gun by a parent who was dropping their child off, according to WTVT-TV in Tampa. The parent called 911 and the school was put on lockdown.

The parent told dispatchers that the teacher had “an older-model shotgun or rifle. He’s got a bag that looked like ammunition.”

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“And where are the weapons now?” the dispatcher said.

“He was walking right into the school with it,” the parent responded.

Both Braden River Middle School and Braden River Elementary School were put on lockdown, according to WFLA-TV. However, the lockdown was quickly called off for obvious reasons. In a statement, the school defended its actions.

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“If somebody sees something, they’re going to pick up the phone and call and they should,” Michael Barber, a spokesman for Manatee County Schools, told reporters. “We have to handle these things in such a way that the school administration, the school staff, and the school resource officers are involved and it’s done in such a way that would not cause any alarm to anyone.”

Barber said the teacher informed the school resource officer he would have the rifle, but didn’t tell the principal or vice principal. He also noted that the teacher had brought the rifle to school on prior occasions. While the teacher won’t face a reprimand for the incident, the district is “using this as a learning tool and will be reviewing procedures and protocol so something like this doesn’t happen again,” according to WFLA.

RWC News Civil War Gun Forces School to Go Into Lockdown Even Though Gun Couldn’t Even Fire

I understand the “if you see something, say something” mentality. Generally speaking, though, I think if most people saw a rifle with with a bayonet, the first thing that would come to mind wouldn’t be a mass shooting — especially if a teacher was openly carrying it into the school.

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Nevertheless, some parents at the school say the alarm was called for, even though the “weapon” couldn’t actually fire.

“It very much looks like a real rifle, especially if you saw an adult walking around on campus with it. It would be pretty scary,” parent Wendy Buckner told WTVT when showed a picture of a rifle.

“I was very nervous especially for all the kids that I know that go here and that I knew were probably already at school and my daughter, fortunately, wasn’t there yet. But you think about something like that and especially with everything that’s happened — terrorist bombings and shootings in schools — it’s terrifying some days.”

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