CNN Gets Dose of Justice After Trying to Mock Trump’s Typo

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CNN’s attempt to mock President Donald Trump’s “covfefe” typo tweet backfired when they aired a massive typo of their own on national television.

The goof came on Wednesday, as the “very fake news” network reported on President Trump’s now infamous typo with a banner that read: “Twitter Typo: The President’s ‘Covfefe.’” It then referred to Gloria Borger as “Cheif Political Analyst” instead of “Chief Political Analyst.”

Of course, the network was referring to Trump’s now deleted tweet from early Wednesday that read: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

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RWC News CNN Gets Dose of Justice After Trying to Mock Trump’s Typo

The typo went viral, and the media had a field day, even though the president himself later laughed off the blunder, tweeting: “Who can figure out the real meaning of covfefe?”

CNN host Anderson Cooper took the innocent typo to a whole new level, according to The Daily Caller.

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“People who talk to the president say he’s just kind of angry, not trusting of people around him, not happy with much of anyone around him. Does this tweet figure into that?” Cooper asked, while the misspelled “Cheif” appeared on the screen below him. Hypocritical much?

Check out CNN’s typo below:

RWC News CNN Gets Dose of Justice After Trying to Mock Trump’s Typo

Of course, Twitter users jumped all over CNN’s unfortunate error.

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Typos have been a part of the Western world since Gutenberg debuted the movable press, and they’ve only gotten more numerous since the advent of social media putting the equivalent of a printing press in virtually every pocket.

But CNN should remember that living in glass houses means you should be very careful about where you throw stones.

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