CNN Implies Only Dems Were Praying

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The liberal media takes any chance it gets to throw thinly veiled attacks at Republicans, conservatives and anyone else who doesn’t subscribe to their narrative, but one liberal network’s most recent snub was truly low, considering the surrounding circumstances.

In a tweet about the congressional charity baseball game, CNN posted a photograph from the beginning of the game showing a crowd of players on bended knee, huddled around each other in a moment of prayer for those injured in the horrific shooting during a Republican practice in Virginia a day earlier.

However, the liberal news network’s caption falsely claimed that the huddle was made up only of Democrats — a claim that was quickly denounced by social media users and subsequently deleted by CNN, without apology, of course.

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“Members of the Democratic team gather on the field for a prayer before the Congressional Baseball Game,” the CNN Politics tweet read. And, although it was later deleted by the network’s account, in the world of screen shots, that was too late.

RWC News CNN Implies Only Dems Were Praying

The image actually depicted players from both the Democrat and the Republican teams kneeling in prayer, and Twitter users quickly expressed their anger at CNN for misleading its audience.

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Thirteen hours later, CNN decided to correct the false information and re-posted the photo with a more accurate caption, but the damage had been done and no apology accompanied the correction. Oh, and the video accompanying the caption, which also reported that those praying were only Democrats, was not changed or corrected.

Perhaps the saddest part of this blunder was that, for months, commentators have been clamoring about how our country needs unity and bipartisanship, but when it’s happening right in front of their nose — for a very serious and somber reason — they instead choose to falsely politicize it.

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If you’re wondering why no one trusts you, CNN, here’s your sign.

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