CNN Stages Fake Muslim Propaganda After Terror Attack, Entire Crew BUSTED

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RWC News CNN Stages Fake Muslim Propaganda After Terror Attack, Entire Crew BUSTED

A photo of CNN trying to set the stage for their propaganda piece.

CNN was caught red handed trying to stage Islamic propaganda in the wake of the London attacks! Reported by Mike Cernovich, a citizen journalist on his Twitter account managed to film CNN while they were setting up a fake “peace group” to make Muslims appear sympathetic.

[embedded content]

The video shows the crew as they set up the propaganda piece.


As is the standard practice now, immediately after an Islamic terror attack, CNN and the rest of the Mainstream Media went into their routine. First, they deny it’s a terrorist attack, then they deny it’s an Islamic attack, then they deny that the Islamic attacker has anything to do with Islam, and finally White people deserve it because they’re evil and Muslims are the real victims.

As they were preparing for the final stage of “the scam, they were caught setting up a fake “peace group” for Muslims to try and drum up sympathy.

RWC News CNN Stages Fake Muslim Propaganda After Terror Attack, Entire Crew BUSTED

Mark (@markantro) stated on his Twitter feed that the BBC was also looking to use the propaganda group for their footage.

Mark also pointed out that CNN went out of their way to make sure that White police officers were not in the shot, instead insisting on Islamic looking officers be caught on video. After the video was finished shooting, the Islamic-looking officers left the scene, apparently only existing as propaganda pieces rather than law enforcement.


Fake news spin-artist Anderson Cooper says “Look at all the people around me here, behind me here, sad about last night but hopeful for tomorrow. On the left here, Londoners came to help hurt, behind me you can see a sign here, hashtag ‘turn to love’, hashtag ‘for London’, hashtag ‘ISIS will lose’, and flowers left in remembrance of those who left their lives.”

CNN and other leftist media sites are defending their propaganda by stating that the group in the shot were already nearby and that it’s standard practice to organize shots. However, they offered no evidence that the group was already there. As some other people pointed out, that same group of people is seen all over the area in various news stories by establishment mouthpieces like CNN. It’s not actually important whether or not they were there beforehand, however, because it does offer an insight into how they craft their propaganda.

RWC News CNN Stages Fake Muslim Propaganda After Terror Attack, Entire Crew BUSTED

They will always show you the aftermath of an attack on their beloved groups, but never show you the casualties. This young woman died as a result of their policies.

Standard propaganda of the modern day leftist anti-White regime was encapsulated in the ridiculous statement by Justin Trudeau that “if you kill your enemy, they win.” To the leftist, “ISIS will lose” means that ISIS will kill all of the White people.


What are they hopeful for about tomorrow, Cooper? They’re hopeful that White people will no longer exist, as they constantly celebrate the concept. White people are massively being displaced from their own countries, could you imagine anyone celebrating this happening elsewhere?

They often hide their motives, but an examination of their double-standards and contradictory worldview shows that it’s actually quite easy to see what their goals and plans are. For example, how many times have you seen the Mainstream Media refuse to denounce violence against people like Richard Spencer or even encourage it? They say that he’s offensive and evil because he doesn’t think White people deserve to die, but when an African advocate calls for the genocide of White people, they are silent.

They say that we need hate-speech laws in order to silence people like Richard Spencer or even more moderate people like Michael Savage. However, they then say that when a college professor like George Ciccariello-Maher says that he wants White genocide, it’s free speech and if he faced consequences for it that it would be “fascism.”

Black Lives Matters will literally murder police, riot, burn down cities, and loot stores. What do the Mainstream Media call them? Peaceful protesters. Going back to Richard Spencer, he held a rally in support of Confederate monuments which involved no violence, and what is written? “White Supremacist Richard Spencer leading KKK-style mob.”

Moving beyond Mainstream Media deception, let’s take a look at the leftist’s government policies. In the face of Donald Trump, many governments are affirming their position that they believe in open borders and allowing in refugees if they are fleeing danger. The group that has the second highest death rate in the world are White South Africans. Do you see anyone accepting them as refugees?

No, in fact, some places such as Canada pass a law explicitly banning the acceptance of White people as refugees period. Beyond that, many of the refugees, the majority of them, are coming from Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan which are not under any extreme circumstances.

RWC News CNN Stages Fake Muslim Propaganda After Terror Attack, Entire Crew BUSTED

Bernie Sanders – “when you’re white … you don’t know what it’s like to be poor. ”

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