CNN’s Ana Navarro Accuses Trump Of Having “Alzheimer’s” Or “Dementia” [Video]

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RWC News CNN’s Ana Navarro Accuses Trump Of Having “Alzheimer’s” Or “Dementia” [Video]

CNN, who gets very defensive when they are accused of being fake news, has accused President Trump of having either ‘dementia’ of ‘Alzheimer’s’. One of the two. Doesn’t matter which. Does that sound like a real news station to you?

Ana Navarro, CNN’s self-proclaimed ‘Republican’ who is actually a liberal in every sense of the word released a segment called “Is President Trump Fit To Serve?”

“I can tell you from an untrained eye, it looks weird. It makes me recall people who have early onset dementia, it makes me recall people who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. His constant repetition — he goes back to the same themes over and over again. He continues repeating the same lies, the same fabrications, picking the same fights,” claimed Navarro.

“He’s been going on with the NFL now and the athletes for months. I don’t know what he’s going to do when football season is over. Start picking on what? Kindergarters?” said Navarro, like there is any comparison to calling out millionaire football players disrespecting our flag and Kindergartners.

“Look, it is weird, his repeated lie on the number of — on the electoral vote, on illegals voting, on the inaugural crowds. It is downright weird. And to look the other way and pretend that this is normal is to be in absolute denial,” said Navarro. Check out the video below.

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