CNN’s Jake Tapper Has A Meltdown On Live Television Over Trump’s Media Statement, How Humiliating

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RWC News CNN’s Jake Tapper Has A Meltdown On Live Television Over Trump’s Media Statement, How Humiliating

President Trump has really succeeded in getting under the skin of people at CNN. CNN’s Jake Tapper, who Trump has called ‘fake’ went on a long and humiliating and overly-dramatic rant against President Trump.

“Let’s not make any mistake about what’s happening here. A White House that has had some difficulty telling the truth and that has seemed to have trouble getting up to speed on the basic competent functioning of government, and a president who seems particularly averse to any criticism and has called the press the ‘enemies of the American people,’ they are taking the next step in attempting to avoid checks and balances and accountability,” whined Tapper.

“The Trump White House now led by Sean Spicer’s White House operation in the communications division is now targeting multiple media organizations and it seems to think it can punish reporters for sharing with you facts they don’t like,” he said.

He whined about Trump saying that the media doesn’t use facts. “It’s just simply not true. So don’t misunderstand what’s going on with that rhetoric, and with today’s action banning various media outlets including CNN, the New York Times,” said Tapper.

“This White House does not seem to respect the idea of accountability. This White House does not seem to value an independent press. There is a word for that line of thinking. The word, is ‘un-American,’” he said. Of course he forgets the various times that Obama picked on Fox. No one complained then. If he wanted to be treated fairly, he should’ve treated President Trump fairly. Check out the video below.

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