Coast Guard Finds Odd House Floating at Sea, Days Later a Call Stuns Everyone

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A building found off Louisiana’s southern coast by the Coast Guard this week had apparently floated 200 miles from the Sunshine State to Cajun country.

The odd structure — a veritable mermaid house, featuring a painting of one of the mythical sea creatures with a sea turtle and an octopus — was first found 180 miles south of Grand Isle, Louisiana, on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.

While the Coast Guard originally considered it a derelict vessel, the case began attracting attention from the nation’s news media.

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That’s when a call came in from the state of Florida announcing that the building had originally been seen docked off the Florida Keys.

It’s always Florida, isn’t it?

RWC News Coast Guard Finds Odd House Floating at Sea, Days Later a Call Stuns Everyone

Not your average craft…

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That means, of course, that the structure had traveled over 200 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico from where it was docked in the southernmost part of the continental United States.

According to the AP, Coast Guard Petty Officer Travis Magee said that several people had reported spotting it there but that it had broken loose from its moorings during a tropical storm. Since nobody came forward at first to claim it, Petty Officer Brandon Giles said the Coast Guard had no intention of finding the owner or towing the shack to shore.

However, according to WWL-TV, the owner finally came forward. The shack was definitively traced back to the Parrot Key Hotel in Key West, Florida. Talk about a voyage that stunned everybody.

All of this should be a reminder that private property needs to be properly taken care of, especially during a storm. If you own a shed like this — or a boat, or anything else that floats on the water — it’s your responsibility to know when a storm is coming in and take appropriate precautions to prevent something like this from happening.

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Otherwise, you could be at the end of a viral story like this — and nobody wants that to happen.

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