Comedian Kevin Hart Refuses To Attack Trump, Listing Off His No-Nonsense Reason Why

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RWC News Comedian Kevin Hart Refuses To Attack Trump, Listing Off His No-Nonsense Reason Why

Comedian Icon Kevin Hart Refuses to Alienate his Audience by Attacking Trump

Comedian Kevin Hart has become one of the most famous and wealthy comedians on the planet. His popularity is based from his stand up shows, TV shows and even movies he writes and stars in. This notable African-American icon has taken a broad step in terms of his comedy, as he has refused to make fun of Trump and for a good reason.

Hart’s genius begins to show as one of the most fundamental concepts of business is implemented in his lifestyle. He does not want to alienate his base by shaming them or even poking fun at their ideologies. He admits that politics is a hot topic and that if you make one side laugh, the other does not. Hollywood should take note as their continually bashing of America’s President and his values have caused many average Americans to steer away from the un-entertaining liberal group-think that has become Hollywood.

RWC News Comedian Kevin Hart Refuses To Attack Trump, Listing Off His No-Nonsense Reason Why

The Top Grossing Comedian in the World recognizes that alienating Trump and his supporters is bad for business


Comedians hide behind bad jokes and the freedom of speech to relentlessly attack the President and make jokes people have already made before. It is actually sometimes fun to watch a TV program backed by a liberal conglomerate and see how long it takes for them to take a shot at the President. It is not infuriating or annoying, it is boring. Everyone makes the same jokes and that is not creative or funny. It is just following the crowd to be cool.

Late night comedians like Maher, Kimmel, Conan, and Colbert have made it clear that their programs are not about facts or debate, but simply anti-Trump rhetoric. Colbert’s insane homophobic comments as well as Maher’s insistance that Trump is a jerk or moron continue to isolate the average American who finds pride in their country.

They have abolutely no respect for the President and therefore have zero respect for those who voted him in. They are elitist TV personalities whose ever-fading glory will continue to cast a shadow over their horrible shows. What they don’t understand is that their ratings will drop if they keep up the senseless attacks.

RWC News Comedian Kevin Hart Refuses To Attack Trump, Listing Off His No-Nonsense Reason Why

Family is often a subject of Hart’s material because everybody has one and everybody can relate to the struggles


There is hope for comedy though, as men like Kevin Hart try not to anger their audience but instead focus on the laughter. Hart’s philosophy and work ethic come down to his principle and that is that when people watch his programs or shows; they are trying to laugh. He wants people to be able to put all their stress and problems away for awhile just to laugh. That is why comedy exists and why what these unfunny bullies call shows are just unwatchable. People watch comedy shows to get away from real life for a bit, and constantly hearing about real life isn’t going to help.

It is true that Hart’s direction for comedy may seem a bit immature at times with films like Central Intelligence and Ride Along. These summer movies are obviously aimed toward a younger and therefore more impressionable group but stick to important themes such as standing up for one’s self or doing the right thing.

His other works, including his stand up, take a more mature position as his audience can relate to his rants about crazy old relatives and the struggles of being a modern father. His approach to comedy is classic and sophisticated because he is not there to change your mind politically, he is there to make you laugh.

RWC News Comedian Kevin Hart Refuses To Attack Trump, Listing Off His No-Nonsense Reason Why

Kevin Hart Debuting his new 24/7 Comedy Channel “Laugh Out Loud”


Kevin Hart’s class and maturity levels should act as a guiding light for younger and older comedians to reference to. Hart’s career is at an all time high as he has just recently passed Jerry Seinfeld in terms of earnings for a year.

He not only has his own production company but he also has managed to start a new programming channel called “Laugh out Loud” where he manages young comedians, promotes their productions, and encourages real humor. If more people like Kevin Hart resided in Hollywood, then there would be a lot more people going to the movies.

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