Communists In Government: California Passes House Bill To Push All-New Level Of Resistance

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RWC News Communists In Government: California Passes House Bill To Push All-New Level Of Resistance

Democratic Assemblyman Rob Bonta sponsored a California bill removing the ban on communists working for a government organization.

The California House legislature just passed a controversial new bill Monday, in line with its over-the-top ideas on diversity and inclusion. The bill would end a Cold War-era ban on members of the communist party employed in government jobs. Assembly Bill 22 passed the House at 41-30 and now resides with the Senate.

Assembly Bill 22 aims to rework the language of a 1953 statute passed during the height of McCarythism. At that time, Americans were worried about communists infiltrating American politics and plotting to overthrow the United States government.

Under the law, a government employee would be immediately dismissed if found to be a communist. The law stated in part that Communism was–


“A clear and present danger, which the Legislature of the State of California finds is great and imminent, that in order to advance the program, policies and objectives of the world communism movement, communist organizations in the State of California and their members will engage in concerted effort to hamper, restrict, interfere with, impede, or nullify the efforts of the State…and their members will infiltrate and seek employment by the State and its public agencies.”

The law went on to say that being a member of the Communist Party is clear reason to terminate a government employee. The new bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, would keep the key provisions of the law, but eliminate specific references to the political party from state government hiring criteria. It would still keep the regulation that employees can be terminated for being part of any organization that they know advocates the overthrow of the government by violence or force.

“It’s an old and archaic reference,” Bonta told the The Los Angeles Times, “[The bill] was really just a technical fix to remove that reference to a label that could be misused or abused, and frankly, has been in the past, in some of the darker chapters of our history in this country.”

RWC News Communists In Government: California Passes House Bill To Push All-New Level Of Resistance

Senator Joe McCarthy famously conducted a witch hunt for communist members in government. Particularly in California, the propaganda led to scores of people losing their careers in the film industry because they were blacklisted on suspicion of being a communist.


Bonta said that hiring criteria and employment retention should focus on an applicants actions and accomplishments, rather than their political affiliation.

“Part of having a functioning democracy and a fair and equitable society is to make sure you’re actually basing your decisions to take someone’s job away … based on their actual conduct, their actual behavior and actual proof and evidence, not just some loose label that could be applied overbroadly in a way that is unfair and unjust,” he said.

In his comments to the assembly, he called the bill, “A cleanup bill that removes archaic and outdated references to the Communist Party in our state laws, specifically those stating that a public employee may be dismissed from employment if he or she advocates or is knowingly a member of the Communist Party.”

RWC News Communists In Government: California Passes House Bill To Push All-New Level Of Resistance

The bill passed the House by a narrow margin and now resides with the Senate.


Some are not in agreement with the law, particularly those representing high immigrant communities, where many residents have come to actively flee oppressive communist regimes.  “This bill is blatantly offensive to all Californians,” said Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen,”Communism stands for everything that the United States stands against.”

A veteran of the Vietnam War, Allen maintains that communism is “still a threat,” coming from China and North Korea. In both countries, the United States enjoys a precarious diplomatic relationship. The bill passed the House by a very narrow margin, mainly along party lines, although many abstained. Randy Voepel, another Republican Assemblyman, agreed that the threat of communism is still as great as ever.

“There are 1.9 million veterans in California,” Voepel said. “Many of us fought the communists. They are still a threat. We have North Korea, that wants to do us in. We have China, who is a great, great threat to the United States.”

He added his agreement with Allen, stating that Communism undermines the essence of American values. “The whole concept of communism and Communist Party members working for the state of California is against everything we stand for on this floor,” he said.

Bonta assured the legislature that the measure still protects American politics from the threat of communist infiltration with the remaining part of the law. Public employees can still be dismissed for being part of a group that wants to overthrow the government by violence or force.

One has to wonder if this would include radical Islam or if political correctness would win out against this group as well. It is interesting and odd timing to introduce such a legal tweak. To bring this bill into the public consciousness while the growing presence and threat of violent Islam rises higher each day seems to be somewhat suspect.

The bill has been passed to the California State Senate for final debate and voting. Projection on its reception there is unavailable.

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Emma Laftchu
I began reporting for RWC News on October 12th of 2016. Prior to that I was a reporter for WOKR Radio.

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  1. Bonta is a boldfaced deceiver. His name should be the deceiver! His bill would permit communist party members in our govt, but target any individual or group of individuals that do not agree with the govt. As in Conservative Republicans, Judeo-Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalist, etc. It is a dangerous bill and a deception. California is preparing for their biggest deception yet – the resistance and Hillary Clinton calls them. He thinks Americans are as stupid as he is.

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