Congress To Release Infamous ‘Trump Dossier’ As Vote Begins

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RWC News Congress To Release Infamous ‘Trump Dossier’ As Vote Begins

The Senate Judiciary Committee lead by Chair Chuck Grassley plans to vote on releasing the testimony of Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele, who were the primary witnesses generating the fake Trump dossier. The move will help illuminate the conspiracy to oust President Trump, orchestrated by Hillary’s minions.

In a move that is terrifying democrats in Washington and around the country, the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to vote on releasing the testimony of the people behind the fake Trump dossier. The fraudulent report was responsible for the entire Russia/Mueller probe, but has long since been proven a fake. In fact, many conservatives believe that the orchestrated protests about the Confederate monuments have just been a ruse to cover the possible public release of Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele’s grilling by the committee.

Senator Chuck Grassley, Chair of the Judicial Committee, responded to town hall questions from residents in his home state of Iowa. When asked if the Fusion GPS testimony would be made public, he responded, “The answer is, it will take a vote of the committee to do it, but I presume that they will be released.”

When questioned on whether or not he would vote to release to transcripts, he equivocated a bit, saying, “I don’t know why I wouldn’t. But I don’t want to say so because I’ve never — in all the years I’ve been in Congress, well, I guess I’ve only been chairman of two committees, I’ve never gone through this process before. So, I’m not going to answer your question until I get a firm footing of what the precedent is.”


RWC News Congress To Release Infamous ‘Trump Dossier’ As Vote Begins

Grassley and other republicans on the committee have been gravely concerned about the fake report made about the president, and especially the FBI’s involvement n the plot.

Although that wasn’t the answer most conservatives are looking for, it seems fairly certain that the testimony of both Simpson and Steele will be seen by the nation.

Glenn Simpson is co-founder of Fusion GPS. He initially refused to testify about his involvement in commissioning the fake Trump dossier. The entire firm has been exposed as an opposition-research task force for liberal democrats, especially Hillary.

The dossier report was circulated around Washington and John McCain originally presented it to the FBI as a legitimate document. He faced questions about his involvement in July, because despite the salacious, unverified information, he took it upon himself to attack the prospective Commander-in-Chief. In fact, some republicans initially used the company (Fusion GPS) to dig up dirt on Trump during the primaries, and Fusion has a long history of operating to kill stories, cover abuses and support criminal behavior among politicians.


RWC News Congress To Release Infamous ‘Trump Dossier’ As Vote Begins

Glenn Simpson, co-founded of Fusion GPS (the company that commissioned the fake information), tried to avoid appearing before the committee. His long-term support of Hillary and other subversive tactics have been documented. His testimony will also be released.

The eventual closed door testimony of Simpson and Steele asked about the funding and sources behind the dossier. Steele is a former British spy who was hired by Fusion to generate the dossier. The FBI allegedly paid Steele another $50,000 to help verify the contents while Comey was director. Grassley has led the Senate committee’s efforts to uncover the truth and said the relationship between the former spy and the FBI “raises substantial questions.”

He has had to issue subpoenas to get access to over 40,000 documents pertaining to the smear campaign which the firm used for the intention of removing the president from office. Mueller is like a dog with a bone about it. Although the entire basis of his investigation stemmed from the falsified information contained in the dossier, he refuses to give up.

Now it seems that the American people will have a chance to examine the testimony of the main players behind the attempted political assassination of Trump. However, Grassley warned constituents that the process could take some time to complete. Even after the committee votes to release the information, there is a huge amount of red tape.


RWC News Congress To Release Infamous ‘Trump Dossier’ As Vote Begins

Senator McCain was also questioned concerning his involvement in the disreputable affair. He gave the dossier to the FBI, which started the investigation and slander of the president.

Although he predicts that the committee will agree to releasing the transcript, Grassley said, “It takes a long time for the court reporter to get it ready to go, but we’ll have to give it to them before the thing you’re asking me about can be done.”

Soon, President Trump will be cleared from all fake allegations about his integrity and the validity of the election. The move is exciting for conservatives who’ve known all along that democrat lies were behind the entire episode. The increased violence by bused-in protesters certainly seems coordinated to cover some type of scandal. History has shown that when they’re about to be busted, liberals typically start screeching about some imaginary wrong.

Hopefully, this will help provide proof of other nefarious conduct, and the prosecution of Comey, Lynch, Hillary, and others will follow.

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