Conservatives Wage Their Own ‘Protest’ On Women’s Day, Sending Powerful Message To Liberals

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RWC News Conservatives Wage Their Own ‘Protest’ On Women’s Day, Sending Powerful Message To Liberals

Conservative women take back their place in the debate about Women’s Rights and protest by taking to social media.

In celebration and honor of International Women’s Day, some women took the day off to protest and try to make a point about life without women. While this movement would like the American public to think that they are the voice of all women, this simply is not true. A counter protest started today with two very simple hashtags, #WeShowUp and #NotMyProtest.



Social media was flooded with women of all nationalities, family statuses, and occupations taking a stand against the pointless marches and protests. They are not going to skip work or ignore other responsibilities to simply follow a crowd that does not represent the masses. The idea that the best way to celebrate women is to cause headaches and disruption around them does not fall into the reality of these hard working women, wives, mothers and professionals.

The liberal protests today have not only caused some push-back from many who are tired of the disruption but a rift within the general public towards the women forgotten by the walk out. With every empty classroom shut down by teachers wanting to protest, there are working mothers in fear of losing their jobs because now they need care for school aged kids. These women don’t simply have the luxury to take a day off.

There are many ironies in today’s walk out that people are missing. For those who are able to simply walk away from their job, if they have kids there is probably someone watching them or even a spouse that takes the day off. A support network that includes other women to step in and handle things like childcare is still needed to make this work. It is very much an elite point of view to think you are making a statement by not showing up for a high paying job while using childcare or other services that are staffed by women who have to work every day to make ends meet.

Are the protests, walk-outs, and marches missing the point? What if the problem is not as simple as blaming men, a conservative voice, or even President Trump? The self-serving walk-out to “celebrate” women without taking care to hear all voices seems to be the true issue. An elite group of well-supported women who are able to take the luxury of a day off to make a point will not make any real progress in dealing with women’s issues.

The “Day Without A Woman” protests are far too generic for the group they actually represent. This is not a day to stand for all women. As Hannah Bleau bluntly points out “…it remains unclear what these women are fighting for. What are they trying to prove? That women…exist? No dip. We make up half of the population. Obviously, a true day without women would have some sort of effect on society. Fortunately, most women are rational human beings who are calling BS on this publicity stunt.”

Consider the basic idea behind today’s protest, to perhaps show the world what things would look like without women. Is this all women? No of course not, the ladies at the protests still need childcare. We still have female doctors working at hospitals all over, female lawyers are still in court today, and a variety of women who show their strength and worth every day are still doing so. Who are these women the American public are functioning without today?

Today was not a day without women, they are still very much out there. Today wasn’t even a way to shut a business down to make a point that women have a place in the world. That is already obvious and the women working across America today will do as they have done every day.

America saw today as being a day free of feminists, which many are not heartbroken about. It is well within their rights to protest, make interesting signs, and even cause problems for those who still need to work today. That is not under debate, but the fact is that the marchers are roping all women into their little liberal box when they call today a day without women. Women as a whole are not some generic label to be used exclusively to further their cause.

To be a woman does not automatically make one without their own thoughts or belief system. It does not mean every person in a female body sees value in the protests of today. They are not speaking for everyone. Just as they fight to get out from under the control of others, they in the same breath cover 50% of the population with their own agenda.

Perhaps it is time to rename the marches. Instead of a “Day Without a Woman” what about  “A Day Without Liberal Women”, “A Day Without the Privileged”, “An Extra Day Off For Some” or even “One March Too Many”. Taking even a quick search of the online protests via #NotMyProtest and #WeShowUp make it clear that today was not really about taking a stand or speaking for all women.

While efforts of today’s online protests emerge as a big sign of a disconnect between women and the organizers of a pointless march, #WeShowUp started long before today. It’s been a rallying cry for conservatives fighting for their voice through actions. It’s a quick tag to show they are still here, still active, and using every avenue possible to make their point known. A great example of their efforts can be seen as they continue to rally support on social media for President Trump and the entire first family.

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